Best places to live in Canada

Best places to live in Canada

Starting a new life in a different country or another city is thrilling and stressful at the same time. Canada is a beautiful country with many great places to start a new life. There are countless options for locations to live in Canada. It can be time-consuming to find the right city for you. That is why we have to share some amazing places that can satisfy you and your loved ones. We hope that we can make that first step a bit easier by showing you some of the best places to live in Canada.


Known for it being the largest multiplicity in the greater Victoria region and having many beautiful landscapes. Saanich has a very diverse population due to its territory being home to the First Nations. As said it is very diverse which is shown in its high amount of minorities the largest one identifying as Chinese (33%) followed by the South Asian community (25%) with the third being Filipinos (18%). This city is very new-comer friendly with its immigrant employment rates and income per household at very high numbers.

Diverse people holding hands in one of the best places to live in Canada

Saanich is one of the most diverse places in Canada


Known for having the largest population in British Columbia, Vancouver has one of the most moderate climates in all of Canada. There is very little snow and hot summer is dry with some rainy days from time to time and is surrounded by water. It has an incredibly diverse population and is a cultural hub of Canadas Westside.  When you want a city with the best outdoor living this is where Vancouver shines. This is exactly what makes Vancouver one of the best places to live in Canada according to our specialists Canada. As the name implies West Vancouver is a suburb of Vancouver, it is one of the richest cities or in this case suburbs on this list. It features a strong real estate and professional services, with very high income per household and low unemployment rates. West Vancouver is same as Vancouver meaning it also has the same climate and very diverse population with over 44% being immigrants.

Image of Vancouver

Vancouver has one of the largest populations in British Columbia


One of the most popular cities for people new to Canada, which is not surprising due to it being one of the largest cities in Canada with a population close to 3 million people. Toronto is considered Canada’s business capital due to it being home to headquarters for 40% of Canada’s business which includes the largest banks in Canada. Toronto is located on the north part of the Lake Ontario while being the capital of the whole province of Ontario. This city experiences warm summers and long and cold winters, its moderate due to it being on the southern part of Canada.  The area has 4 different seasons: spring which is rainy with temperatures from 10°C to 12°C, summer with temperatures being from 20 °C to over 30°C, autumn where rain returns and temperatures are from 10°C to 12°C and winter with a lot of snow and temperatures ranging from 0°C and -25°C. Make sure to know everything about relocation to Toronto.

Happy girl in winter street

Winter can be very cold in Toronto


This is a suburb north of Toronto that was being known as an agricultural community now became the high tech hub of Canada where old culture meets new high tech 21 century. It can be easily reached by Toronto transit or highway. Markham also has a high amount of immigrant settlers, with its largest minorities being Chinese (44%), second being South Asian (17.8%) and the third being the Black community (2.9%)

Man checking out his phone

Markham is a high tech hub of Canada


Montreal is known as the second largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris, however, most people here are bilingual. Some even speak three languages. There are a lot of restaurants in Canada and second in North America. Till 1940 Montreal was Canada’s commercial hub and was overtaken by Toronto but it still plays a vital role in the industry, electronics, software and many more the largest industries being manufacturing, retail and business services. It has the biggest inland port, the Port of Montreal which is supported by Canadas largest railway hub.  If you are interested in culture there are a lot of cultural sights, not letting you get bored in your free time. There are museums, art galleries, historic sites, and various architectural masterpieces to see. Climate varies depending on the season, winters are colder than Toronto, but the snow clearing system they have developed helps a lot. Summers can get hot for Canada up to 27 °C.

Man with a snow showel

Snow cleaning crew is always on point


Ottawa is the capital of Canada and has the second highest living standard in North America. It is not very crowded which is why it is the third cleanest city worldwide. It is also bilingual and for most jobs, you need to speak English and French. Its population is very diverse and as said it has one of the highest living standards in Canada and is considered as one of the best places to live in Canada. They have the highest income per household in Canada. The city has a lot of high-tech jobs but by far the biggest employer in this city is the government with the military.

There are a lot of activities you can do in Ottawa, but the focus is placed on sports instead of nightlife. It has many options to get involved in sports: skiing, skating, horse riding, hockey, hiking, soccer and many more. With an option from a winter sport to nonwinter sports, you will be enjoying yourself all year around. Ottawa also holds many yearly festivals:

  • Canada day takes places every July 1st every year
  • Bluesfest – For ten days every July a lot of blues musicians visit Ottawa
  • Ottawa Tulip Festival – the largest tulip festival worldwide
  • Dragon Boat Festival- four days dedicated to boat racing and other activities
  • Folk Music Festival- is a four day festival of folk music held every September
Audience at a concert

There are a lot of festivals in Ottawa

Those are just some of the options you can use to live in Canada.  We hope you found this article interesting and most importantly helpful and that it made your first step in deciding what are the best places to live in Canada.

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