Moving out of your rental 101

Moving out of your rental 101

When you are moving out of your rental apartment or a house there are some things that you need to do. Moving out of your rental means that you should leave your apartment just the way it was from the first day you came to live there. Here you will find some steps on how to leave your rental, do’s and don’ts. By following the advice that you will find here, you will leave your rental in good condition and your landlord won’t be able to complain about a single thing. When moving, moving specialists can help you move a long distance and that is a good way to have your items carefully transferred to a new place. It is important not to forget about your own move while cleaning and fixing the old apartment so that you can leave as it was. You have to prioritize things, if you are moving long distance, you should calculate the costs of your move. All of this, before you start worrying about how you should move out of your rental apartment.

Moving out of your rental is not a hard task

Check absolutely everything before you go

What to do when moving out of your rental?

There are certain things that you need to do when moving out of your rental. However, let’s mention what is the first and most important one. You have to give a move out notice, to your landlord on time. At least thirty days before you should leave the apartment. In this way, your landlord will have enough time to rent the apartment to someone else, and he won’t lose any money. Because if you let him know on a short notice, there is a chance that he will lose one whole rent. It is not your problem of course; however, it is really nice to be fair, especially if you had a good relationship landlord-tenant. Another really important thing to do right after giving the move out notice is finding a good movers company. That means a lot because they can move your items without any problem. You don’t need to worry if something will break. One important thing you cannot forget is after you are done with cleaning and packing is to throw the garbage. It wouldn’t be nice to forget that.

Do you want your deposit back?

If you want your deposit back like the rest of us, after leaving your rental apartment there are steps you need to take. What you need to do is to clean your apartment and you need to fix absolutely everything that you may break during your stay there. This means the following:

  • Paint the walls if they got dirty from smoke and similar
  • Change the broken sockets
  • Do you have a dog? Change the cables he chewed
  • Anything that was working and it doesn’t you should fix or change

These are the things that you should make sure that is as they were from the moment you came to live in that apartment. There is no need to add anything extra. If something wasn’t working when you started to live there, you are in no obligation to fix it. In case this is overwhelming to you, perhaps you could advise with your chosen moving company. For instance, Pro Movers Miami has proven to be a very reliable company which is always there for their clients. By contacting them, you will be able to learn everything that has been worrying you and eliminate all your doubts.

A lot of money

Get your deposit back, by making sure everything is as before you have moved in


We came to the next two steps. You have to pay all the bills that you have for the last month you are in the apartment. This is something that you just have to do. Because you were using the electricity, water, internet, etc. What will happen if you do not pay the rest of the bills is that your landlord has the right to pay those bills using the deposit money. If the deposit is bigger than those bills, he also has the right to keep the rest of the deposit. So, make sure to pay up the bills and get your deposit back. If it happens by some case that the bills haven’t arrived yet by the time you are still there you can always leave the money for them or pay for them through an online application. At least that is easy nowadays.

Calculator and bills

                Pay all the bills that are yours

Your belongings

You don’t want to forget to bring with you everything that is yours. If you have lived in an equipped apartment and you rented not only the apartment but everything in it, you will still have something that is yours, so do not forget to pack. If the shower curtain is yours, bring it with you. If it got moldy then do not leave it, throw it away. Check all the drawers a couple of times before you leave the apartment. All of the kitchen appliances that you brought, you should pack carefully and move them first.

Take pictures

Once you finish with cleaning and checking if you packed everything that is yours, the next step would be to take pictures. Nowadays we all have phones with cameras so this step comes really easy. This step is important because you don’t want to be fooled into paying something that you left in a good condition. Take pictures of a water heater, shelves, and everything else you may find relevant. Take pictures of the entire rooms. In this way, you will have proof that everything was in order when you left.

Checking everything is the key, when moving to another part of the town you should make sure that you leave everything in a good condition so that no one can hold anything against you. If you are not sure on how to move and what is the best way Pro Movers Miami are the one who can help you. Moving out of your rental shouldn’t be something that is a burden to you. Just follow these simple steps and you leaving your rental will be very easy.

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