Make moving with kids easy

Make moving with kids easy

Moving can be stressful for all family members, but it has a special effect on children. If prepared properly, kids will enjoy their move and be excited about their new home. However, there are many stress factors to avoid in making the process as easy on your children as possible. Here are some tips to make moving with kids easy on your whole family.

Organize the move according to your children’s age

Kids of different ages can help with or complicate your move. If you have a baby or a very young child, you want to avoid the additional stress of having to watch them while packing. So its best to either pack up when the baby is asleep or ask your parents to babysit the child while you pack. Also, think about how much dust your moving preparations will produce. If you have to unscrew items fixed in walls, it might be a good idea to do so while your significant other (or parents) are taking them to the park. This way you will avoid the risk of your child inhaling the dust, which is certainly not the best for their health. Also, take extra care when packing dangerous objects.

Cooking knives in a kitchen

Sharp objects in your kitchen may present a danger to your child while packing.

Packing your kitchen can create threats for your toddler, so having them in the park with a person you trust will make it much easier for you. On the other hand, if your children are teens or pre-teens, you should involve them in the moving process. Depending on their age, you can take them when browsing for a new place, so they get accustomed to it easily. Involving them in the selection process will also ensure they will be moving to a place that they too like. If you’re moving to a home that you’ll be refurbishing, think about assigning your teenager a budget and letting them decide how they want to arrange their room.

Have a family meeting

If your kids are old enough, have a family meeting explaining the reason for moving with kids being involved in the discussion.  Psychological research has shown that moving was much easier for children if they had been prepared in advance. Make the meeting as enjoyable as possible, ordering pizza or some other food your child likes and staying positive about the whole situation. This way they will better about the idea. Talk about what they should expect in the moving process. You can also try and brainstorm solutions to possible problems that may arise during the transition. All this will help your children prepare for the move mentally, as it’s much easier to cope with a stressful situation that is expected. Another good trick is to have your children voice their wishes about their new home. Finding the perfect place that fits both of your expectations will be very beneficial!

Organize a sale

As with all moves, you should take the opportunity to reduce the clutter. However, it might be hard for your children to let some of their old stuff go. So, let them pick the items they need or have an emotional value to them. Then organize a sale of the remaining stuff. Make the goal of the sale to raise money for something your children will enjoy. A bigger TV, a gaming console or maybe a puppy. This will give your kids motivation to get involved in the sale.

Childrens hands holding a gaming console controller

Motivate your child to take part in the sale by getting something they like from the proceeds.

It will be easier for them to let go of the items they don’t need in return they’ll be getting something they want. Have a vote during the family talk on what you should buy from the money you get from your moving sale. Depending on your children’s age you could consider relegating the sale to them. This will help them build an entrepreneurial spirit while freeing up some of your time for other move-related activities.

Take care of your children’s connections

One of the harder aspects of the move on kids is losing the connection with their old friends.  Between moving to a new area where they might not know anyone and being away from their old friends, it can get pretty lonely for your child. Especially for adolescents. But it doesn’t have to. You can organize a moving out party and invite all their friends. Arrange fun activities for them and take a lot of pictures. These will be a good keepsake in the future. You should also give them a chance to say goodbye to their closest friends in a more intimate surrounding. Organize meet-ups or sleepovers with their parents, so they can have some time with their closest friends before they move.


A bouncy castle with children in it. Organizing fun activities at the moving party will make moving with kids easier on all of you.

Organize fun activities on your child’s moving party.

Another nice thing you can do is organize a visit to the old neighborhood after the move. Check with your child if they would be interested in visiting their old school for homecoming or prom. Also, encourage your children to stay in touch with their old friends. Thanks to social media, it’s now much easier to keep old connections even from the other side of the globe. Staying in touch with their old friends will their stress from moving and help them with the change of environment.

Arm yourself with patience

Expect the stress of moving with kids to take a toll on you as well. Every move is stressful and it’s not easy on the adults either. However, be ready for your children to be more sensitive than usual. Younger kids could snap at little things like misplacing their toy or breaking a cookie. Teenagers, their usual mood swings aside, will be more prone to drama. This all means you will have to be ready to deal with these situations on top of the usual stress that you will feel from the move.

Try to remain calm and not snap at them, even if the cause for their dissatisfaction seems trivial or unfair to you. Stay positive and talk to your kids. Try to comfort them and express understanding of their problems. Your own psychological state will have a tremendous effect on your children. With that in mind, take extra care when planning the move to find a moving company you can trust. Remember, the less stress you have the less you can project on your child.

Moving with kids done right

Although it might seem scary or complicated, taking the right precautions will make moving with kids easy. Just take the time to plan it all out and keep your calm through the move. You will see the positive results from the get-go. They’ll probably even like the change!

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