Moving to Montreal? – Here’s what you should know

Moving to Montreal? – Here’s what you should know

Snails! Those lucky bastards aren’t even aware of how good they have it – monopolists of the mollusc RV kingdom, that’s who they are. Free to call any leaf or strand of grass their home,  they just need to like it enough and POOF! – candles are already lit on the dinner table. As for the rest of us, the non-mollusc and less fortunate – moving, relocating, replanting roots – it’s no breezy business. “Where should I move? What if I don’t like it? What if I make no friends? What if the food’s crappy? Will I be happy?” We ask a lot of questions. Well, today’s most important question is – Should You be moving to Montreal? Let’s have a look-see.

Speaking French is definitely an asset while discovering Montreal

59% of Montreal’s population is bilingual

Bonsoir, Montreal

Right off the bat, this city likes to level with every newcomer, but it might do so in French. If you are contemplating Montreal as your potential nest, but haven’t covered the basics of the language, you might be in a pickle, as the province of Québec is predominantly French-speaking. But, worry not (!), Montreal is a bilingual city, with over 59% of the population speaking both English and French, so you will be able to go about and communicate without the “I’m a lonesome little raindrop” feeling; still, bear in mind, some folks speak only English, and some exclusively French.

Moving to Montreal has its perks

A hug, a smile, friends, laughter, happy thoughts, love – some of the best things in life are, indeed, free. But, you know what isn’t? Housing. That one’s a *itch. And that’s where Montreal’s got you all covered and smiling. Whether you’re planning on purchasing a house, or  rather just renting a place, the city of Montreal is statistically one of the most affordable in the country. That being said, the foreseen home hunting agony will end before it gets to unravel, really. You only have one task,  and a joyous one – picking out your perfect home at the buffet.

Moving to Montreal has its downsides, too

Cheap housing for the win!  – “Sorry, what was that? Taxi? No, I don’t need a taxi. Taxes? High taxes, you say? How high are we talking?” Sky-high. Unfortunately, Quebec has the highest tax rate amongst all Canadian provinces. (also beats the U.S.!) Ouch. But, hey, hey, at least you’ll have a lavish home. Plus, all the house parties!

Brace yourself for highest income tax rates

Moving to Montreal suggests the highest income tax rates

Who’s hungry?

Now, how does one even consider moving to Montreal without knowing if their taste buds will be well taken care of? You just need to explore these things beforehand. You’re in luck, Montreal is The Mother of food –it has an unconditional love for it, it nourishes it, like a good mama should. Due to its multicultural nature, this city is a synonym for ever-growing gastronomy, it simply has it all. From high-end restaurants to cheap foodie spots, whether you’re a world class carnivore or a hungry vegan, you’ll be pampered wherever you go. If you wish to cook yourself a meal, stroll down to Jean-Talon open-air farmer’s market (located in Little Italy), one of the largest markets in North America.

What about neighborhoods?

If you’ve set your mind on relocating to Montreal, it might take you a while to decide on where your new home should be. Why? Because there are 19 boroughs, all divided into neighborhoods. And there’s literally a neighborhood for everyone, since Montreal is home to over 200 ethnic groups; you just need to find your perfect blend. Give it time. If you’re looking for a classy, family-oriented area, you might find Westmount to be your thing. If you’re looking for something cheaper, you might want to go for Southwest, Rosemont, or maybe The Plateau. Do your research, don’t be lazy; it is indeed a comprehensive quest, but it will pay off in the end. Now, once you decide, you’re all ready for packing and finally, the venture begins! We do recommend hiring a mover you can trust with all your belongings, as the process of moving can (and most certainly will) be overwhelming.

Dancing Queen

Presumably, you either have a job waiting for you in Montreal, or you’ll just find one, once you settle in. What about pastime, though? How do good citizens of Montreal enjoy their spare time? Besides eating a lot of poutine without a shred of guilt, Montrealers know how to party.  And they party. A lot. Whether it be The Gay Village, Old Montreal, Mile-Ex, La Petite-Patrie or The Plateau, you’ll be dancing before you come through the door. It’s also recognized as a “all-year-long-festival” city, from winter Igloofest through Just For Laughs festival, to International Jazz and Montreal Pride. There’s just an abundance of dancing, happy people, 24/7.

Could Montreal be your home?

Cycling is a way of life in Montreal

Montreal’s been voted the best cycling city in North America

Yes, winters in Montreal could cost you a toe or two, and, yes, you might be forced into a hockey craze. Alright, and the infrastructure could use a makeover, as pavements are decrepit and highways sometimes crumble away under your wheels, but, it doesn’t happen every day. If you move to Montreal, you’ll take pride in saying your city’s been rated the best cycling city in North America, and so it happens, it also has one of the largest underground cities in the world. How about that? Smoking is not frowned upon, either! And you can take your beer with you to the park (since you’re probably not drinking fancy wine due to income tax rates). So, what? You won’t feel lonely. It’s one of the most liberal cities in the world and it cares about your well-being.

Non, je ne regrette rien

If you’ve decided to give it a go and grow your roots in Montreal, kudos to you, friend! We encourage chansons during packing, French will come in handy. If, by any chance, you gave up on Montreal (though, it would never give up on you!), here’s a list of other beautiful cities of beautiful Canada.

Or just buy the damn RV and join the mollusc gang.


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