Moving to Toronto on a budget

Moving to Toronto on a budget

If you are moving to Toronto any time soon, you’ll need all the help you can get. Moving is not something you can do in one day. You are going to need a lot of time, nerves and money in order to organize a smooth and safe relocation. Especially the money. Moving is everything but cheap, hence you will need to think about your budget all the time. One of the best tips on moving to Toronto you can get is how to save money during relocation. And if you ever asked yourself if moving to Toronto on a budget is possible, you’ll be happy to hear that it is. But, there is some prep work you need to do in order to cover every part of the relocation and save some money along the way.

Making a Toronto moving plan

The very first thing you need to do in order to organize moving to Toronto on a budget is to create a watertight moving plan. This is a must. If you skip this part, not only that you can turn the relocation into a nightmare, but you can end up overpaying for many things. Therefore, you will need to plan everything ahead. Before we continue, we must emphasize the fact that you will need to spend some money. For instance, you will need to find a decent mover that you can trust, and that will cost you. But it is something you can’t risk with.

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Making a plan is essential for a successful relocation

Here are things you need to cover in your moving to Toronto plan:

  • Moving budget
  • Packing
  • Finding a good moving company
  • Moving day
  • Post-moving activities
  • First month in your new Toronto home

Keep in mind that life in Toronto is not cheap, and you will need to make a plan for the first month after the relocation. This is the best way to plan your budget, and you need to think about the costs of food, drink, and utilities after the move. Especially because you will need to cover all post-moving activities and you’ll have no time to think about money. Therefore, make sure you research Toronto living costs prior to your move.

Moving to Toronto on a budget – saving tips

What you need to know about saving while moving to Toronto is that you will need to get rid of all the things that you do not use or need anymore. Not only that you’ll save on the transportation costs, as these are calculated based on the weight of items to be moved, but you’ll be able to earn some money as well. Here is what you need to do.


In order to get rid of unnecessary items, you will first need to identify them. Therefore, you will need to declutter before anything else. Important to realize is that decluttering is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, you will be identifying things that you do not need anymore. Secondly, use this opportunity to make an inventory list of things that you are moving to your new Toronto home. Not only that you will need to give it to your movers, but you will be able to track your belonging during unpacking.

Organizing a sale

Once you know which items you do not need anymore, it is time to make some money on them. First, check the status of those things, make some minor mendings and organize a sale. This is a good way to get rid of things you do not need, earn some money, and say goodbye to your neighbors. Make sure you have this sale during the weekend when there are more people able to pay a visit. Finally, whatever is left after the sale, you can donate to charity.

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Sell things you do not need in order to cut your moving costs and earn some money

Try to find free packing supplies

For moving to Toronto on a budget, you will need to get as many free things as you can. Therefore, do not pay for packing supplies you can get for free. Many people are actually willing to share spare boxes or some of the packing supplies they have such as blankets, crates or packing tape. Make sure you find such communities on the internet in order to save some money. Additionally, you can go to your local library or hardware store and ask them to give you a few boxes they do not need. Not only you will save money on these, but you’ll be making a favor to them as they would need to get rid of them anyway.

Be careful when looking for a moving company to hire

When moving on a budget it is important to pick the perfect timing. You need to know that moving offseason will cost you less than moving during peak. Same applies for working days and weekends. Therefore, make sure you pick the most suitable date that will minimize your moving costs. Additionally, it is important to avoid moving scams. If you get a quote with unreasonable cheap price, be extra careful. This can be a trick scammers are using to lure their victims. hence, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Perfect timing could save you a lot of money

As you can see, moving to Toronto on a budget is actually possible. But, you are going to need some time to prepare your relocation if you want to have safe and affordable move. Therefore, make sure you have enough time before anything else. If you do everything we mentioned above, you can be sure that your moving will not cost you a fortune. Remember – if you can do it on your own, do not pay someone to do it instead of you. Even though your main goal is to have a stressless move, you still need to think about the costs. And if you start everything on time, you will be able not only to save money but to have some in your pocket to invest in your new Toronto home. Good luck.

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