Moving abroad to Canada

Moving abroad to Canada

Moving abroad is never easy. That’s the most demanding kind of relocation. You are starting your life in a totally new environment. The big change that requires a lot of preparation. Luckily, for expats that are relocating to Canada, it’s not hard to adapt. This country is very open to immigrants, has a stable economy and it’s one of the safest nations in the world. It’s no wonder why many choosing it for their new home and if you-re one of them, here some things that you should consider when moving abroad.

Preparation for moving abroad

Get your paperwork in order

Moving abroad will require a lot of paperwork. First of all, you have to see are you even eligible for moving to Canada. You can check the official government website, or better yet, go to the nearest Canadian embassy and ask about what type of visa and other documentation you need to acquire.
Beside necessary documentation, always have documents like birth certificate, diplomas, certificates. Basically, the more documentation that you have, the better chance is that you won’t have to chance some paper in the last minute. Be sure to legally translate your documents on English or French, depending on the part of the Canada that you’re relocating to.

Make sure that you can afford the living costs in Canada

It is always a good idea to familiarise yourself about the living costs of the country that you are considering to relocate to. If you are moving abroad for temporary work or school, you will need proof that you can cover your costs while you’re there.
The living costs vary across the country, but generally, the cost of living in Canada is much lower than in America or some European countries. Toronto is the most expensive Canadian city, followed by Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary.

Research the prices of housing, food, utilities and entertainment of the city that you wish to move abroad too. Add them together, and see how they fit your moving budget.

Living costs are the big part of your moving abroad budget,

If the monthly expenses exceed your budget or incomes, then moving abroad at this very moment isn’t such a wise decision.

Find accommodation

The Canadian rental market can be competitive in urban areas, but there are always plenty of apartments, family homes or townhouses for rent or sale.
The smart thing to do is to start looking for a perfect home before you land to Canada. There is an abundance of real estate ads online, but hiring the real estate agent is maybe the safest option. When choosing the perfect new home the professional who does that for a living will help you immensely.

Ottava and Ontario are home to a large population of immigrants, and very cheaper to live in than Toronto and Vancouver. Same goes for Atlantic coastal provinces like New Brunswick or Newfoundland that are much more affordable.

Start looking for a new home before you start to plan moving abroad.

With the help of the internet and the real estate agent, you will find your perfect new home in no time.

Healthcare insurance

Priority for all expats and long-term visitors should be to register for health insurance upon arrival to Canada. The health care in Canada is paid for through taxes, with the exception of British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta, that charge health care premiums. A waiting period for issuing the health care card can be up to three months, but all provinces will provide free emergency hospital care, no matter your status or if you have a health care card.

When moving abroad, always have the healt insurance that is covered in that country.

Canada is famous for its free healthcare, that is charged by the taxes, but that’s not the case in all the provinces.

Moving process

First of all, you have to make peace with the fact that moving abroad will be very difficult, stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming. It will require the maximum planning skills. Creating a detailed and functional plan is crucial. The soon as you start to develop your moving strategy, the better it will be. Once the decision of relocating to Canada is final, start organizing the move.
Here are the most important elements of successful moving abroad:

  • Set a budget – Moving is quite expensive, and costs of relocating abroad are even higher. That is why you should make the estimation of the moving costs, make a relocation budget, and try to stick to it. Always leave additional funds on the side, just in case.
  • Obtain all the necessary documentation
  • Make an ultimate moving checklist – When you make a list of things that you need to do, it will help you not to forget anything.  The moving checklist should contain all the moving tasks and important information. It may take some while to make it, but it’s the time well spent.
  • Hire a reliable moving company – When you’re moving abroad, you will require the assistance of the professionals. While you can move locally on your own, moving to another country is a totally different story. It’s just not doable. Not to mention that delegating the transport of your belongings to movers will take a big load off your shoulders. Of course, choosing the moving company that you can trust is the most important thing.
  • Pack light – You will probably like to bring all of your stuff to Canada, but reality may be different. The more stuff you bring, the more you will have to pay for its transfer. Moving abroad is the time to get rid of all the clutter in your home and bring items that you actually need and use.

Expats in Canada

When you’re moving to Canada, you won’t have to worry about fitting in. Here the immigrants are welcome, and there are large communities of expats.
In this case, the stereotype is correct – Canadians are a truly welcoming and friendly nation. You will make friends in no time. Canada is a unique mixture of nationalities and ethnicities. The place that people of different religions and backgrounds live together in peace and harmony. Canada is the real example how high quality of life is all that people need to be happy and prosper. That’s why this is the country that attracts many expats in search for the perfect place to call a new home.

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