Packing hacks – winter edition

Packing hacks – winter edition

Packing and moving are hard enough any time of the year, let alone in the winter. You have to plan and organize everything months ahead. Deciding whether you are packing and moving on your own or with the help of professionals will also take some time. After that, you need to go through everything you possess to figure out what will you take with you and what are you getting rid of. Maybe you are moving away from your parents to your first place. In that case, you probably don’t have a lot of stuff. So, even your friends and family can help you with some packing hacks, so you don’t end up losing anything along the way. On the other hand, if you are planning to move the entire family, with children and maybe pets, you will probably need some professional help.

Tips and packing hacks for moving in the winter

So let’s say you are not a college student waiting to break free from mum and dad’s house or you are moving out of your rental. Because, if you were, you wouldn’t need much preparation. You would just throw everything you have in three boxes and two bags, and run away, without thinking about it too much. So, we are going to assume that you are the one who needs to do some serious packing. And that can be a drag. Especially if you have to move during the winter. That makes everything more complicated. Therefore, you want to know some packing hacks and be prepared for every possible situation. It’s easy to make plans when it’s summer. You have all day at your disposal to pack everything up, load, and maybe even unload. But, packing and moving in the winter is another story. Here’s what you need to know:

  • get the right packing supplies,
  • know when to ask for help,
  • carefully pack special items,
  • start early on a moving day.
Big brown box for packing hacks

You need the right packing supplies to keep your stuff safe

Before you get to the business of packing, make sure you are not occupying space with the things you will throw out later. So, make a checklist of the stuff you want to have in your new home with you. Everything else needs to go to trash. Or on sale. Perhaps, to charities, which would be great. The more stuff you get rid of, the more money and time you will save when packing and moving. The only thing left to do then is finding a decent mover that you can trust. That’s not always easy, but it pays off.

Get the right packing supplies

Whether you have decided to do it alone or to borrow some packing hacks from someone else, you will need the right materials. If you have a lot of stuff it’s always a good idea to find professionals that can help you pack and make your life easier. They always have the right packing materials and you don’t have to worry if there will be enough boxes for everything. Beside boxes, they have the tapes that can sustain the cold weather, so you will not have your boxes opening by themselves.

Professionals know which materials are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so they will take special care of them. Items made of wood, porcelain, and metal are susceptible to breaking in the cold. That is why you must pack them carefully and keep them warm as much as possible. Use thick packing paper and additional layers of air bubble to keep things from freezing. Also, one of the great packing hacks is using old clothes or blankets to protect stuff from the cold. Of course, every moving company will advise you against packing the sealed glass containers, like wine collection, into moving trucks. They must be held in the plus zero temperatures the whole time. Just like any plants you might have.

Know when to ask for help

A car on the road in winter

Not everyone is equipped for winter packing and relocation like professionals

As you know, the choice is only yours. Many people think that the packing and moving companies are too expensive. So, they check out the packing hacks online, thinking that it should be enough for safe packing. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not the case. If you find yourself in over your head, you should ask for help. Consult Ample Moving NJ or some other professional moving company and talk to them about the challenges. You will probably find that a good mover is worth the money when you decide that it is a priority to relocate your stuff safely.

Carefully pack special items

After thinking about the pros and cons of hiring professional help, you will probably decide to go with it. Maybe you know how to pack your stuff, but sometimes you don’t know all the things you shouldn’t do. Or you don’t know where to get all the necessary supplies. That is why it’s good to have someone who knows all the packing hacks on your side. You must have enough air bubble or packing blankets for sensitive items like household appliances and electronic equipment. Also, be careful with musical instruments and antique furniture. Not only that packing of those things is delicate, but it is also the transportation that you have to think about. So, look up where you can find moving assistance in Bayonne or any neighborhood or borough you live, and get them to help you in winter conditions. That’s how you’ll make sure your stuff is safe – by hiring local movers.

Start early on a moving day

Stairs in snow

Make the most of a winter day with the early start

An early start is always a good idea. Especially in the winter months, when a day doesn’t last for long. You want your stuff loaded before the dark. Make sure to keep your walkways and driveways clean. It would be really bad if you did all that work packing or hired a professional to do it and then dropped the box. Ice and snow are not your friends on a moving day, so you have to make them go away with a shovel. Don’t forget to stay warm and provide some hot drinks and snacks for all the hard workers. Even if you have kids you can make moving easy, just by being prepared and with some help of professionals. So don’t think twice about hiring someone who will make it much easier to relocate, with all the packing hacks and tricks they have.

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