Decorating rented apartment

Decorating rented apartment

Decorating rented apartment can be challenging. On one hand, you rented an apartment and want to have your own style and on the other, it’s a rented place that’s not really yours. But how can you find a balance and make everybody happy: both you and the owner? Well, first the owners have to approve the changes you want to make, but even if they don’t, there are still ways to style your place according to your taste without changing too much. So here are top tips on how to decorate rented apartment – guilty free.


Depending on a place, the space you are renting can come with or without furniture. If it comes without, there’s nothing to worry about: you have all the freedom in the world to make your own style. If it comes with furniture, which can be very handy, you may feel like you can’t change anything. Still, you can choose to place it in a different order or you can cover it with creative covers in your own style. Also, you can putt smaller things away that you don’t really like (like lamps and shelves) and put your own. If you still haven’t moved out of your old rented place, here’s moving out of your rental tips.

Living room


If you can’t choose the furniture in the rented place, there are some good news is: you can play with lights! Lamps are cheap and can make your place look even cozier – even if the apartment has good natural source of light. If you have a tight budget, look how you can move to Toronto on a budget. Our suggestion is to try putting light at unusual places, like small corners or under the window. Also remember that if you put the lamps at the right positions, this can make your place look bigger.


Curtains are maybe the last thing on your list but trust us, they should be the first. Curtains are very important when it comes to feeling comfortable, and they are very little to invest in. Besides, the owner won’t probably mind if you change them as you can put old ones back in place once you leave. For windows that have less natural light, go with light colored curtains like beige or white. Of course, if the place is full of light, you can play with your style and choose something that will make you feel warm and cozy (like deep red and blue).



Besides bringing any room to life, carpets can also protect the floor. And they are also very easy to replace like curtains, so you can make your own stylish statement in the rented space. On the other side, they are not as cheap. Depending on your possibilities, choose the right carpet size and color. Of course, remember that one day you may take it with you. When it comes to color, light colored carpets can make small room look bigger, but at the same time are harder to clean. That’s why maybe it’s smarter to take one smaller size carpet in neutral, darker color (like gray). Also think about the material; natural materials are more expensive and can be an investment. On the other hand, acryl or propylene carpets are easier to clean and are allergy free.


First thing when it comes to mind with details are pictures or your personal photos. The one thing you have to be careful about is that maybe the owners don’t like the fact that you want to put holes in their walls. So first ask for a permission and if the answer is no, you can still put your frames on the shelves or tables. Vases are also a nice touch, along with cushions in different colors that match your style. Think also about the candleholders, small tabletops, jewelry holders etc. Details are the ones that speak about your personality and bring warmth to your home. Read our kitchen packing tips and tricks to help you get all your details before you leave.


If details bring warmth, plants bring life to your home. And the best thing is that plants are not a big investment and they look great no matter where you put them (even in the bathroom). Having a plant can also make you feel less alone if you can’t keep a pet in your rented apartment. Try having at least one plant for every room that will make the space more visually attractive. Still, keep in mind that plans are living creatures so don’t forget to water them! Or just buy a cactus and you’ll be good to go for even months without watering.



Mirrors not only make the illusion of creating a bigger space, but they also draw positive attention for the visitors. In most of the cases, people like to see their face in the mirror and instinctively look for a mirror in the apartment. But be careful: it is important to put mirror at light and cozy place so it can give you the feeling of connection in the space. Also remember to consult your owner before hanging too many things on the wall. As with pictures, you can always place a mirror on the floor.


As we already said, they may not be any opportunity to change the wall color or play with apartment style. Still, maybe you can ask your owner to change just one wall in the apartment. Our advice would be to paint it black and than buy colorful chalks to write on it. This will certainly give a special touch to your home.

In the end, we hope you learned more on how to smartly decorate your rented place. Keep in mind that every place has its own potentials and there are no unique rules on how to decorate it. Surly it would be good to keep in mind that the place is not yours so keep it as neutral, simple and bright as possible. You can give it your own style and be creative, just try not to over do it. This place should have a warm feeling of home, but not the complete intimacy. Good luck!

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