7 reasons why it’s great to move to Canada

7 reasons why it’s great to move to Canada

Are you thinking of relocating to Canada? We all know that Canada offers a lot of working and living opportunities for expats. Hey, even the name Canada comes from an Indian word meaning settlement. But what is really so great around here? Its beautiful nature, the world longest coastline, with the highest number of lakes on the planet and many national parks? Free education and healthcare? If you’re still not sure what is the big deal about moving to Canada, here are our top 7 reasons why it’s great to move to Canada.

See polar bears up close – and even swim with them

Yes, Canada has very cold winters. Some even say that temperatures in Canada are not as welcoming as one would wish. One time, one Canadian village had a temperature as cold as it is on Mars. But cold winters can be fun too because you may get the chance to encounter some of the Earths’ most beautiful creatures. In a very small place called Manitoba, with only 813 inhabitants, you can go and see polar bears close up. This is something you won’t get the chance to do in an ordinary national park. Manitoba is the place where bears migrate, so if this sounds interesting, this is the place to go. At the other place in Canada called Cochrane, you can go swimming with these magnificent animals. Well, not really beside them, but in special pools. Here, Plexiglas separates you and the bears and you can enjoy your swim carefreely.

Lake in Canada showing why it’s great to move to Canada

Breathtaking nature in Canada

Experience the Niagara Falls – and get the best view

The most famous waterfall in the world is certainly Niagara Falls. Lying between the United States and Canada, this magnificent nature’s wonder can be seen from both countries. However, the unofficial opinion is that the view is better from the Canadian side… And it’s just an hour and a half drive from Toronto. Niagara Falls drops jaw-dropping six million cubic feet of water every minute so expect to get wet no matter how thick your raincoat is. By the way, Niagara Falls are located on Niagara River and consist of three waterfalls: Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil Fall.

See the Northern Lights – all year round

Aurora Borealis, a phenomenal of green, red, purple and even fluorescent blue lights across the sky is certainly one of the top reasons why it’s great to move to Canada. Canada is big as the entire European Union but there are many places for watching amazing sky dance of Northern lights: Whitehorse (Yukon), Yellowknife and Tuktoyaktuk (Northwest Territories), Iqaluit (Nunavut), Churchill (Manitoba) and more. Whitehorse is the most popular destination and has even hotels with huge windows dedicated to just Aurora watching. Keep in mind, to see the Northern Lights you need to find a deep night and intense solar particles measured in KP index. That’s why you should go more north and later during the year (after September). Still, Aurora Borealis can easily appear during the whole year so you have a big chance of catching it.

Explore dinosaurs at Drumheller Badlands – and climb inside of a T-Rex

Drumheller Badlands is located at the East Block of Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan in southern Alberta, at about 2 hours drive from Calgary. It is best known as dinosaur capital of the world and excavations still take place today. Here is where you will find plenty of dinosaur fossils that become a world’s UNESCO heritage. In Centennial Park, you will also see the world’s largest dinosaur. This T-Rex is 86ft tall and you can even climb inside to see the view.

Rest at the unique Ice hotel – by the fireplace of course

Did you ever dream about becoming an Eskimo as a kid? Maybe you cannot build your own igloo but believe it or not, Ice Hotels are a thing in Canada! The best known is in Quebec, but there is one in Montreal as well. They have rooms, bars, restaurants and even beds built completely out of blocks of ice. And in case you are wondering, yes you can sleep here! The room temperature is 23 °F and you will get a sleeping bag. You just need to be well prepared in advance (informational session is included). Also, be sure to have layers of clothes on top of you. Hotel is only working during the ice season, from January to March. Of course, guided tours that don’t include freezing sleepovers are included and there is a fireplace on the inside.

Go whale watching – including orcas and beluga whales

Have you ever seen a whale up close? Whatever you feel about it, it surely is breathtaking. Canada gives you a chance to do just that! Not only you can go see the migration of 20,000 Gray Whales right at the Vancouver coast, but also you can go see beluga whales inside the Arctic Circle. And this is not all. In British Columbia, you have an option to go kayaking and see killer whales in their natural habitat. Imagine orcas and humpback whales swimming right beneath you! If you are not that keen on going into water or even boat rides, some whales can be spotted from shore. Whales are not the only attraction in these places, you will get to know a range of phenomenal wildlife like grizzly bears.

Grab the Canadian– and meet Canada from the iconic train rail

If you want to explore Canada, the transcontinental Canadian train is the way to go. With Canada having 396.9 million hectares of a forest you can just imagine the breathtaking scenery when traveling four days from Toronto to Vancouver. Le Canadien stops in Winnipeg, Kamloops, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Jasper – just to name a few. It also crosses more than 4400 kilometers and you can enjoy the view of prairie fields, waterfalls and the peaks of the Rockies, a majestic mountain range.

In the end, we do hope we have managed to give you at least 7 reasons why it’s great to move to Canada. And if you are moving, plan your Canadian adventure ahead of time. And to make all the process easier, contact a reliable moving company to inform yourself about the services they can offer. It will help you prepare better for relocation. Good luck!

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