How to avoid property damage when moving out?

How to avoid property damage when moving out?

So, you’re on your way to a new place in a new town. That must be exciting! However, there are plenty of things to take care of before you can begin to move out. For example, what are you doing with your old place? If you own it, are you selling it? If you rent it, are you getting the deposit back? No matter if you’re moving out of a rental or out of a place you own, it pays to be cautious when moving out. You have to avoid property damage when moving out in order to get your deposit back, or, if you own it, to sell the place with ease. No one’s gonna want to buy a dented home! So, if you damage your property, you’ll have to sink money into fixing it. Money that can be spent on far more important – or fun! – things.

A broken plate on the ground.

You can clean up damaged dishes easily, but damaged doorways are more expensive.

That doesn’t even mention how difficult and time-consuming it is to repair already damaged units. Especially if you’re renting – your landlord will be more than happy to withhold your deposit if they find the tiniest scratch after you leave. This is another reason why documenting the state of the apartment with pictures is very important if you want to get your deposit back. So, how do you make sure you avoid property damage at all costs? Of course, proper packing is definitely one way – you don’t want to scuff the floors with over-sized boxes, do you? – but the biggest problem is the furniture.

Avoid property damage by knowing how to pack

Isn’t packing just the bane of moving anywhere? Most people hate packing even if it’s to go somewhere fun, like on vacation, and not picking up and moving all of their belongings. And, really, packing swimsuits is easier than packing up a kitchen. But, unless you’re willing to spring for packing services, it just has to be done. And the best way to avoid property damage is to know how packing is done.

  • You’ll want to disassemble bulky furniture, rather than try to fit it through doorways.
  • If you can’t disassemble it, you have to protect it. This is where moving blankets come in handy – wrap them around your antique desks and the handles won’t scratch the walls!
  • You have to make sure your moving boxes are sturdy, and not over-packed. You can find free moving boxes at freecycle, or your local grocery store. Don’t stuff them full to bursting! But, you have to make sure there’s plenty of space for packing peanuts.
  • Use specialized moving tools, like a dolly to move around furniture. But to avoid property damage, you have to know how to handle a dolly. If you don’t, there’s bound to be professional movers who do.
  • Furniture pads and lifting straps are a godsend to anyone trying to move without damaging the floors. It can be surprisingly easy to scratch the floors – if you have a pull-out bed, you’ve probably done so already. So, definitely use the necessary equipment and necessary precaution!

Avoid property damage by protecting your house

The easiest way to make sure you can’t damage floors or walls by accident is to protect them. That way, even if you do ding them a bit, the protection will take care of it. But, how do you do that? Well, with some planning skills, anything is possible! You can cover the floors with blankets, carpet film protectors, and even cardboard pieces! As long as you make sure they don’t slide around, of course. So, make sure the corners stick to the floor, because not only will that keep them in place, but you won’t accidentally trip on them.

A huge close-up picture of cardboard - avoid property damage by putting it on your floors.

Cardboard can be surprisingly handy in helping you avoid property damage! Just save the boxes your next few Amazon deliveries come in.

But, even if you do cover your floors to protect against scuffing, you should still be careful when moving furniture. You can’t slide a bed across the floor and hope for the best just because the floor has some cardboard on it! Using dollies or moving pads is still mandatory. And if that seems like too much work for you, it won’t be too much work for professional movers like! Plus, there are special ways to handle furniture to make sure they don’t scratch the walls. Not to mention taping their corners so that even if they do, it won’t leave a visible mark. Avoiding property damage like that is one reason you should always take care of your furniture’s sharp corners!

Avoid property damage by hiring trained professionals

The easiest way to avoid making mistakes is to hire a trained professional who doesn’t make them. Of course, it might seem like hiring movers is expensive. But really, just think about all the money you’ll be saving by not having to fix expensive mistakes! Trained experts are well aware of property damage – they’ve been through many a move. They have the right equipment. They have the right skills. And most importantly, they have enough experience to predict what could go wrong and take steps to stop it! So, really, hiring cheap moving assistance in Minneapolis costs less than trying to go at it alone.

Two men shaking hands, after signing a contract. A good way to avoid property damage is to hire professionals.

Of course, if you find proper, affordable movers, moving won’t even be that expensive.

How do you find the best professionals for the job?

There are a lot of moving companies out there. It can be difficult to find decent movers that you can trust, but you shouldn’t give up hope! The perfect moving company for the job is out there, waiting for your call. So, it’s important to research your options thoroughly. While you can hire the first movers you stumble upon, that doesn’t mean you should. After all, how do you know you’re getting the right prices and the right services if you have nothing to compare it to?


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