Moving and packing in a hurry – tips

Moving and packing in a hurry – tips

Moving should be planned in advance. But, what to do when the time is not on your side and you do not have too much time to organize everything? Sometimes, people decide to move in the last moment. A guide is in this case, a very useful thing to have. Too much work, obstacles, and stress but not enough time. How to move and pack on short notice? Moving and packing in a hurry is possible, here is a guide, how.

Tips for moving and packing in a hurry

To accomplish everything you need before moving day, you must be calm. It is definitely not place and time to panic. This is the first step and one of the most important to. It is hard not to panic at this point, but try to put that on the side. Breathe and stay organized.

Do not panic sign.

Put all the stress and panic in a box and close it.

Make a list

Maybe you think that creating a moving checklist is a waste of time, or that you do not have time for making it. But, trust us, it is not. When moving and packing in a hurry, you will probably forget many items to do and pack, like most people in a hurry. It helps you stay organized, focused, and to pack items right. Each moving list is unique and different because people have different habits. But, some of the items are the same. Immediately when you find out about moving, sit down and write everything. It does not matter if you have a week and a month for preparing or are you moving locally or somewhere far away.

A checklist for Moving and packing in a hurry

Make a list and follow it. It will help you a lot.


Get rid of things

You won’t have time to pack all your items, clothing, and furniture unless you have a very small apartment with few items inside. Be ruthless and get rid of some items. Make categories and organize your belongings. Look at this as a blessing. After moving you will buy new furniture, new decoration, and clothes.

  • Throwing away items is part of moving and packing in a hurry. Old and damaged you should throw away. Do not lose time packing them, because time is not on your side right now.
  • You will probably won’t have time to search for the donation organizations or to organize a yard sale. But, you can donate some items to your friends and neighbors. Dining table, clothes you won’t need anymore, toys, etc.
A girl is separating items.

Organize all the items. That means you should throw something away, unfortunately.

Collect packing materials and pack

It is important to have enough packing materials and supplies. You should have professional packing supplies at your disposal and save time! Collect cardboard moving boxes, air bubble foil, but use other options too. Use towels for wrapping and newspapers if you don’t have time to buy all of the supplies.

Start to pack immediately. Now when you are organized and you know what to pack and what to toss, start packing. Don’t think too much, just pack.

  • Sort your items later, after moving. Now you won’t time for sorting them. Do not mind if the winter clothing is in the same box with home decoration or summer clothing, etc.
  • Use socks to pack fragile items and all the rest recourses.
  • Pack clothing as it is.
  • Do not make a mess while packing. Pack one box at a time.

Last-minute moving company

Moving and packing in a hurry does not mean you should do everything by yourself. Search for moving companies that are available and get the best deal because it is the last-minute offer. But, beware and pay attention to red flags. Hire professional movers and do not worry about your belongings. We are sure you will find a company willing to help you at the last moment. Especially if it is not a moving season (summer months or the end of the month). Also, it is almost impossible to move heavy and large items alone. Experienced movers will handle everything. Even you may hire a full-service moving company and not worry about packing too.

A watch and money.

Hiring a moving company in a last-minute does not have to be a bad thing. You will get a better price for the same service.

Address changing and transferring utilities

Do not forget to change your address and to transfer your utilities. It depends how much time you have before a moving day. But, this is a step you must do. Go to your post office and fill the required documents. You can change the address online too.  Also, notify your bank that you are moving and all other businesses too.

If you do not want to pay utilities for both homes, transfer the utilities. Internet, cable, water, garbage, electricity, etc. Contact your utility company and tell them about address change and moving. For these jobs, you will need a little more time, so if you do not have time to finish everything, leave some tasks after moving.

Ask for help

Help is a must when moving and packing in a hurry. Ask your family members and closest friends to help you with packing and carrying hard and heavy items. If you are moving with toddlers, your friend can watch them and take them out while you are packing your household items. Any kind of help is useful now. Even help for deciding what to pack or toss. People are sometimes very emotional when it is time to get rid of some items. So, be free to ask for help, even if you have hired a moving company. Having a company and friends around you will calm you down. And, that is, as we said before, the most important thing is this situation.

Now, when you have all the right information and a guide, start with preparing. Moving and packing in a hurry maybe sounds crazy, but it is possible, just be organized. Make a list that suits you and your lifestyle, and stick to it. The key is to stay focused and to have realistic goals.

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