Moving from Canada to Kuwait – what’s to know?

Moving from Canada to Kuwait – what’s to know?

Relocation from Canada to Kuwait is a big change. Starting from the weather to culture changes. It is a state on the other side of the world with different rules and laws. A moving process will be a little bit longer depending on why you are moving. Some people are moving because of the job, some people to follow their partner, or because of love, etc. Reasons for moving from Canada to Kuwait are different, but the most usual reason is the job. 

Kuwait flag.

Welcome to Kuwait, a beautiful country in the middle east.

The first thing you will need is a visa for moving to Kuwait. Canada citizens are able to use the e-Visa system. There are many types of visas you can get for entering Kuwait.

  • Tourist visa
  • Visit visa for business
  • Visit visa for relatives
  • Multiple entry visa
  • Resident visa
  • A work visa is often used for moving from Canada to Kuwait
  • Transit visa
  • Entrance visa

Hiring a moving company for moving from Canada to Kuwait

If you have a visa, the next step is planning your long-distance relocation. For these types of relocations, moving by yourself is almost impossible. That is why a moving company is required in this situation. A moving you will hire must be reliable, affordable, and experienced. Is there any company with all of these three traits? Yes, there is.

Easy Move KW is a company with a lot of experience, professionals workers and at the same time, it is very affordable. Moving from Canada to Kuwait is not cheap and simple, but it may be with this mover. As soon as you find about your moving date, book a moving company. Do not wait to contact them, because they can be booked for a date you want.

Carrying a big moving box.

Moving company for a long-distance move is highly recommended.

Costs of living in Kuwait

Costs of living in Kuwait are different from costs in Canada. Something is cheaper and something is more expensive. You should save money before moving and cut some moving expenses because at the beginning, in a new country, you will not have a job. Find professionals that can help you move on a budget and you will save money. Even if you do have, your salary will not be given immediately to you. Here are some most basic costs of living in Kuwait.

  • Gas is very cheap (cheaper than water). Also, gasoline is 0.42C$. That is about 66% cheaper than in Canada.
  • There are no income taxes.
  • Housing is a little bit more expensive in Kuwait. About 14% more expensive. Homes are large and have large rooms. You can only rent an apartment or a house. Expats cannot buy a property, only citizen. Rent prices are higher, but the rest is mostly cheaper.
  • Utilities are cheaper in Kuwait. Average cost per month for basic utilities (water, electricity, cooling, garbage) are 50C$. That is about 67% less than in Canada.
  • Internet costs per month are 56% cheaper in Kuwait.
  • If you are moving from Canada to Kuwait with kids, childcare is about 56% cheaper and primary school is 40% cheaper in Kuwait. Moving with toddlers is more difficult, but at least you will not be alone.
Calculating costs for moving from Canada to Kuwait.

Before moving, calculate how much money you will need for a month in Kuwait.

Facts to know before moving to Kuwait

Lifestyle, weather, religion, culture, laws, everything is different in Kuwait than you have used to. Learn some facts before moving to Kuwait and it will be much easier for you to adjust after moving. When you know what to expect. You should learn the Arabic language before moving, but about 70% of Kuwaiti residents are expats. So, the English language is also very used. With preparation, you will avoid moving mistakes.

When Kuwait becomes your home, you will change your life a little bit. Habits and lifestyle are very different. 

  • In Kuwait, you have 56% fewer chances to be unemployed.
  • You will consume 90% more oil.
  • When moving from Canada to Kuwait, you and your family will spend 75% less money on healthcare than you used in Canada.
  • Chances to be in prison are 27.5% fewer in Kuwait.
  • Kuwait uses about 19% more electricity than in Canada.
  • About money, you will have 3% less money in Kuwait.
  • Kuwait has more babies than Canada do.

The weather

Temperatures in Canada are relatively low. That will be the biggest change for you. Summers are very hot, winters are too, but summers have more than 45 degrees Celsius. The best months are from October to April, and then people are outside all the time and enjoying the weather.

Job market

Salaries are very high and Kuwait has the highest-valued currency. Besides that, most people are moving to Kuwait because of the job. A job market is growing and the unemployment rate is very low in Kuwait. The most common reason for moving from Canada to Kuwait is the job and making more money. Find a new job, and move to Kuwait.


Be prepared for a culture shock. Their religion (Islam) is part of life, and some laws are related to Islam. For example, alcohol and pork meat are forbidden, and also clothing that reveals much is forbidden too. When Ramadan month comes, almost each Muslim is fasting all day long. Eating in front of them is not forbidden but it is rude.

A healthcare

Healthcare is very quality and affordable. Kuwait even provides free healthcare or at least, low-cost healthcare to citizens and expats too.

Leaving Canada with a suitcase.

If you are prepared, it is time to pack your bags and to say goodbye to Canada.

Preparing for moving may be difficult, but when you have a good source where to get the right information, it won’t be. Moving from Canada to Kuwait cannot be planned in a day. Hiring a moving company, packing, preparing all the documents, it is a long process. But, we hope that we helped you with some information. Good luck with your relocation and a new life in Kuwait.

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