Proper way to unpack without making a mess

Proper way to unpack without making a mess

Congratulations on arriving in your new home! In order to unpack without making a mess, you have to work smart. Knowing how to work smart while unpacking is simple yet not so simple. People are almost always really stressed while they are moving so when it’s time to unpack they feel drained and tired. They just want to get it over as soon as possible. This is where things get messy. As they’re tired, they try to do as little as possible. Sometimes unpacking can last for months and months.

The beginning

Making the first move is key. Whether you start right away or a week later will determine how long the process will last. The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish. It’s better to start right away even though you are tired. If you start to unpack as soon as your movers bring your stuff to your new home you will get settled down quickly and you will start to enjoy your home. And if you’ve hired good movers such as Chandler Moving & Storage you will be able to start right away. By procrastinating the unpacking, things will get messy very quickly. Not only that but as time passes you will lose interest and you will be surrounded by all the boxes. With all the boxes around your home, you won’t feel like you’re starting a new chapter in your life.

Key in a box

Start to unpack as soon as you arrive.

The correct order

There is definitely a correct order to unpack.

  1. bedrooms and clothes
  2. organize cords and electrics
  3. bathroom
  4. kitchen
  5. living room.

If you are moving with children, as soon as your movers drop off your stuff, assemble their beds or cribs and your bed. You will definitely need that first. Don’t forget to unpack their toys and books. Their room should be a priority. Make sure you make the beds right away so you can immediately go to sleep after all that hard work. Have in mind that children need time to adjust so first few nights and days might not be the best. After they get used to the home and all your stuff is unpacked it will all come into place. But even while you are unpacking try to make it fun for them too.

Building blocks.

It’s important to unpack your children first so they can adjust quicker.

If you have someone to help you, this process will be quicker and easier. Because while you do one thing they can do another one or keep an eye on the children or your pet. If you have a pet make sure it has everything it needs. After all, your pet completely depends on you.

Motivate yourself

While unpacking, try not to see it as a chore but as something that will make your life so much easier after you’ve finished. Have in mind that the more you work the sooner you’ll get it over with and finally you’ll be able to enjoy all the hard work. And it will feel amazing. Your friends and family will finally be able to come and visit you and see your new home. Another great way to motivate yourself is to calculate how much time you’ll need to unpack and make an appointment for a spa day for you, or you and your significant other. This is great because you’ll be exhausted and after all that stress and hard work you deserve to get a massage or two.


Try using the method with the timer, it might work.

Setting timers for small things like “mop all the floors in 45 minutes” works wonders for people who want to unpack without making a mess. Yes, you will feel kinda under pressure but there are people who work the best under pressure so you can give it a try. Maybe this method works out well for you. But do things well or don’t do them at all. For example, if you have to mop all the floors in less than an hour, don’t rush it too much. Make sure you clean every corner so that you can actually see that you’ve cleaned them.

More tips on how to unpack without making a mess

If you have packed right, unpacking will be easy. By “packed right” we mean stored your stuff in separate boxes and labeled them. There are some common moving mistakes people make and these are one of them. And hopefully, while you were packing, you got rid of some of the stuff you don’t need. And if you didn’t declutter this is a perfect time as you’ll actually be able to see what you need and what you don’t need and whether you have where to put the things you think you need. Make sure you don’t buy new stuff before you unpack. This will just create an unnecessary mess and you may end up spending your money for nothing.

Unpack without making a mess - woman holding a laptop and mobile phone

Once you are finished, get some rest.

Another great tip to avoid making a mess while unpacking is to work on one room at a time. If you start unpacking just a little bit here and a little bit there, the mess will be bigger and you will have a tough time cleaning it. One room at a time is also a much faster method as you will only be focused on that room and once you’ve finished it you will quickly move onto the next room and so on.

When you finish everything

After you have finished moving and unpacking, take some time to get a good rest. Try to spend as much time with your family and pets so you all feel more welcome in the new home. And if you are going to be living alone, that’s great too! ¬†Watch movies or listen to music carefree once you have done everything there is to be done. It’s easy to unpack without making a mess after all, right? Hopefully, these tips help you unpack without making a mess and you are feeling positive and motivated.

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