Packing for moving to Canada

Packing for moving to Canada

Packing is one of the most difficult and boring parts of every moving. Mistakes can cost a lot. Damaged and broken items, torn clothing, problems with unpacking, the stressful first night in Canada, etc. Moving to Canada is a big step, especially if you are moving from a sunny and hot place such as Florida or California. If you pack your boxes and documents properly, your moving is going to be smooth and stress-free.

Canada map and flag.

Canada is a big country, so it is not the same if you are moving to the south part and north.

Canada is a big country in North America. The weather depends on the city where you will live. Mostly the temperatures are low, winters are long with a lot of snow. If you want high temperatures and Sun, Canada is probably not a country for you. But, after adjusting and realizing how much Canada has to offer, you will love living there. Moving in the winter is an additional obstacle if you are not used to snow, cold weather, and ice.

How to pack for moving to Canada

One of the options to pack for moving to Canada properly is to read online moving guides. Tips are very helpful and useful, so search as much as you can and make your own packing list and checklist. Learn from someone else’s experience and mistakes.

Check the weather

Check the weather on your moving day. If you are moving from a hot place, pack in a bag a jacket if it will be cold there (it probably will). Of course, it depends where are you moving. South Canada is a little bit warmer than the north part of Canada. Also, check the weather for the entire first month there, so you will pack appropriate clothing for you and your family. But, not only clothing but also, blankets and boots.

Winter in Canada.

Check the weather on your moving day.

Creating a checklist

Even if you are moving and packing in a hurry, making a checklist is essential and it will save you time. Packing is not the only part of moving, there is more work for you to finish. That is how you will not forget anything, and you will save your nerves. Moving to Canada from abroad is a big change and it requires a lot of preparation and special packing.

Separate items

When you start to pack, first separate the items you want to keep, toss or donate/sell. Probably you will not need summer dresses and sandals. Do not pack all of your clothing and furniture. First of all, your new home will be different in size than your current home. Second of all, moving will be more expensive because it depends on the weight and size of your household items. Make categories and decide what to pack.


Moving is a very stressful live event, so it has an influence on your health and immune system. Canada’s weather is another big factor for the immune system. Pack medicines if you are on some medical therapy (together with prescriptions) and vitamins to keep you healthy. Especially pay attention if you have kids because they are more sensitive to changes in temperatures. Also, pack the first aid kit because injuries during the moving process are common.

Documents and money

Documents, money, jewelry, and other small valuable items pack in your personal bag. Even if the moving company has insurance, in most cases an insurance policy does not cover valuables. The safest solution is to keep those items near you during a move. So, in your carry-on bag, you should pack a passport, visa or permit, health insurance, ILAC letter of acceptance, money, Canadian dollars (just in case), a phone charger, jewelry, and anything else you may need during a moving day.

What not to pack?

It is important to know what you cannot pack because of Canadia rules and regulations. Also, it is not the only reason why you should no pack particular items. Some items are useless in Canada, so why would you move them and make your move more expensive.

A yellow "NO!" note .

Do not bring forbidden items to Canada.

  • When moving to Canada do not pack guns, firearms, and other weapons because of restriction laws.
  • Swimwear is legal of course, but probably useless in Canada, unless you go to the indoor swimming pool. 
  • Plants, food, animals and animals products. If you have a pet (dog or a cat) you must have a permit. 
  • Explosive, ammunition, fireworks and flammable materials are forbidden too.
  • If you want to move your vehicle too, you will need special documents and forms. 
  • Consumer products such as baby walkers. So, if you are moving with toddlers, you should know that baby walkers are prohibited in Canada. 

Hiring packing services for moving to Canada

If you do not have enough time, or simply you cannot pack your items, there is always an option to hire packing services. Professionals have experience and knowledge of how to pack all the household goods. Fragile items, electronics, clothing, furniture, carpets, etc. Move to Canada stress-free with a moving and packing company. Hiring packing services is the best solution if you are not sure how to pack belongings, and if you think that it is too expensive, just imagine how expensive is going to be if you damage artwork, TV, etc.

Moving boxes for moving to Canada.

Hiring packing services will help you a lot and it will be finished faster.


Besides jackets and boots, you will need to pack an essential box. An essential box is a box that you will open during a moving day and a few days after in your new home. It is more important if you are moving with kids to Canada. Moving to Canada has a lot of advantages. From health insurance to the school system. Use that opportunity, but first, get a visa and pack your bags and household items.

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