Most popular outdoor activities in Vancouver

Most popular outdoor activities in Vancouver

It does not matter whether you are visiting Vancouver for vacation, relocating to Vancouver or already living there – the most popular outdoor activities in Vancouver will certainly amaze you. They suit all personality types and all weather conditions. And, they are so recreational, relaxing and versatile, that we can promise that the prospect of moving to Vancouver will without a doubt be on your mind. Sit back, and relax – here are some suggestions on what to do the next time you find yourself in this Canadian metropolis.

Vancouver at night.

Vancouver is a city of opportunities, and there is certainly not a shortage of those when it comes to outdoor activities.

Locarno and Jericho beaches – here you can find the best outdoor activities in Vancouver for summer

We begin our list of amazing sights and activities in Vancouver with these two beaches – Jericho and Locarno beach. We know that your first association of the cities in Canada is the cold weather, snow, and warm, bulky clothing. But, the city of Vancouver is certainly an exception, as it is lined by beautiful Locarno and Jericho beaches.

And, even though the summer in Canada is short, during these couple of months, you get to experience real beach life, while surfing, sunbathing and simply having fun in the sun. So, the next time you feel the warm sun rays on your skin, you know what to do. Grab your bikini, invite a few good friends, and bring some refreshments. Give yourself a day off, as we are sure you more than deserve it! All of that is possible after moving to Canada – one of the greatest countries.

Whistler Blackcomb – perfect place to spend your winter vacation

If a ski trip is a yearly event for you and your family, then you have definitely heard about Whistler Blackcomb before. After all, it is one of the most famous ski resorts in the world. There is an annual snowfall of 30 feet on an area of over 8100 acres. And, it is not unheard of for glacier skiing to last well into August. Moreover, we consider Whistler Blackcomb to be a good winter destination even if skiing is not your favorite thing.

For starters, you have Whistler Village, where you can find all sorts of amenities, such as coffee shops and restaurants. And, once you and your family finish enjoying your day, head over to your cabin, and sit next to a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. If you manage to visit Whistler during the Christmas season, even better, as there is hardly a more idyllic place than Whistler with all of those Christmas lights.

A woman enjoying the Christmas spirit.
No one will forget a Christmas spent in Whistler Village, Canada.

Lighthouse Park – good if you want to work up a sweat

If what you are looking for are relaxing outdoor activities in Vancouver, then this one might not be for you. Here, if you want to enjoy the view and get to the top, you have to work up a sweat first. However, what is good about Lighthouse Park is that it is so close to the downtown – mere 20 minutes. So, there won`t have to be extensive planning involved if paying a visit here is what you want. This is something you can do in the spur of the moment, whenever you start getting tense in your room. Warning: stick to the designated paths while here, as it is pretty easy to get lost.

Capilano Suspension Bridge and Regional Park – one of the most famous attractions in Vancouver

If a fun day is what you are looking for, you have found your place to be. Capilano Suspension Bridge hangs directly over the Capilano River, and it is one of the most visited attractions Vancouver has. In fact, this place is so popular that it has over 800,000 visitors every year – quite a staggering number, don`t you think? And, the hanging bridge is not the only attraction here. Capilano Suspension Bridge and Regional Park also has the world`s largest and privately owned collection of totem poles, which is definitely something you want to see for yourself. With so many amazing and fun attractions, it is easy to see why Vancouver is among┬áthe best Canadian cities to live in! See for yourself why this is the case!

Totem pole.
The best outdoor activities in Vancouver should certainly include fun and family-friendly activities.

Other popular outdoor activities in Vancouver

  • Grouse Mountain – open all year long, it is a great place for both males and females. If you visit it during the warmer months, not to worry – there are a lot of hiking trails to explore. And if you visit during the cold Canadian winter, you are about to see some idyllic scenery.
  • Seawall – Make a family trip to Seawall, and take a bike ride or a casual stroll. It turns out that the most basic of activities are also the best outdoor activities in Vancouver.
  • Sea to Sky Gondola – who doesn`t enjoy a nice ride to the summit of the mountain? And, once the ride is over, you get to enjoy many other activities, which are impressive, indeed. Just the view you get from the top of the mountain is enough to make this experience worth your while.

So, to sum up…

If you have never thought about moving to Vancouver before, this is your chance. And, if you are already living in a big Canadian city, such as Toronto, do not worry that this type of relocation will be a downgrade. Vancouver can never be a bad place to live, remember that. If you feel like giving this city a shot, consider hiring long distance moving companies for Toronto moving on a budget (or any other movers you have in your city), and relocate to this amazing place. After your relocation is over with, you already have a list of the best outdoor activities in Vancouver, so you might as well start ticking them off one by one. We are sure this won`t be a big problem, as you will definitely enjoy the aforementioned recreational activities. Have fun and stay safe!

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