Living in NJ – what’s to know?

Living in NJ – what’s to know?

If you live in NJ, you already know the great benefits you have when living there. The most important benefits are great healthcare and education. Besides that, New Jersey represents one of the most ethnically diverse states in the U.S. If you plan on moving to NJ, you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of people that come from different cultures. Because of its diversity, you will surely find your spot and blend in. Whether you want to live alone in the big city, with your family in the suburbs or by the beach, living in NJ will provide you with all the options. So, before you start organizing your move and make sure your items are properly packed, here is all you need to know.


If you have children, you will surely take into consideration the education system when choosing a place to live. If you already live in New Jersey, you probably know that their schools are ranked among the best in the country. High schools in New Jersey have one of the highest graduation rates, to be exact 90.5%.  That is a pretty decent number of high school graduates. If one of the main concerns is education, then you won’t make a mistake if you choose NJ.

Furthermore, if you live in NJ and you don’t want to send your kid off to college far away from home, you don’t have to worry because living in NJ gives you a chance to choose among 63 colleges and universities. Thus, start looking for reliable professionals that can help you with the move. You can find those who have helped a vast number of people with this matter on Hiring these movers is a guarantee for a smooth relocation.

a child writing ona piece of paper because living in NJ gives you excellent opportunities for education
High schools in NJ have one of the highest graduation rates


Cultural diversity in New Jersey is also reflected in the food culture. You can find anything that you want – from steak to seafood to any ethnic cuisine. New Jersey might be best known for its diners and pizzerias, but it is so much more than that. There are approximately 600 diners, so it is a pot with something for everybody’s taste.


The average temperatures in New Jersey vary drastically. The warmest time in New Jersey is in the summer during June, July, and August. The warmest time of the year is mid-July where the highest temperature is around 87.2°F(30.7°C) and it is rarely dropping below 69.7°F(20.9°C) at night.

If you enjoy the smell of fallen leaves then you will definitely enjoy fall in New Jersey. The temperature can range from 82.2°F (27.9°C) and 52.4°F(11.3°C).

Winters can be really cold, the average high temperature is between 49.2°F(9.6°C) and 38°F(3.3°C).  Snow is most likely in January, which is considered the coldest month. Winter in New Jersey can be sunny, or with a snowstorm or an ice storm. Once you adjust to this cold climate, packing for moving to Canada may be your next choice. Who knows!

Spring can feel a little bit cold because of humidity and temperatures which vary from 80.3°F(26.8°C) and 45°F(7.2°C). After a long winter, the weather gets warmer and the temperature gets above O°C degrees at night. Cherry blossom and magnolias fill the air with scent and flowers give another dimension to New Jersey.


No matter the season, New Jersey is the state that has a diverse natural landscape and offers many spots for camping, swimming, fishing, and hiking, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. New Jersey state has:

  • 39 state parks
  • 11 forests
  • 4 recreation areas
  • 57 historic sites
  • around 10,000 farms

If you like to be by the water you should visit the longest boardwalk in the world. New Jersey is not only famous for the boardwalk but also for the sun, sand, and surf. It is full of scenic views and sandy beaches. When living in NJ you can enjoy your evening walks after a warm summer’s day. And if you are a hiking person, Northern NJ is the place for you. There are hundreds of miles of well-maintained trails ready for you to explore.

Atlantic city
The longest boardwalk in the world

Cost of living in NJ

If you are a single person living in New Jersey, you know that the cost of renting an apartment is not that bad, at least not compared to New York. But if you are looking to buy a house and you are on a low budget you might want to rethink. Purchasing a home is one of the most significant decisions in a person’s life. The process begins with the decision on where and which house to buy. Buying a home can be a stressful experience, especially if you have decided to buy a home in New Jersey. Property taxes in New Jersey are maybe the highest in the country. The average property taxes are more than twice the national average.

 a house for sale appropriate for living in NJ
Property taxes in NJ are more than national average


Moving can be really stressful, especially if you are moving all the time. Whether it is because of the job or because you haven’t found the apartment you like and can afford. When speaking about reliable movers in New Jersey, Elizabeth, NJ based moving experts might be the one you are looking for. They have all it takes to provide their clients with premium quality service. Furthermore, they will take care of moving your things and make you feel confident that your items are properly packed and accounted for.

Positive sides of living in NJ

  • Best beaches in the country
  • Very cycling friendly
  • Entertainment Centers everywhere – NY and Philly for concerts and theater
  • A lot of rural life, mountains, and pines
  • A lot of history – museums and historical sites

Negative sides of living in NJ

  • It has the highest property taxes in the country
  • It has bad roads
  • Inside the 287 loop is overcrowded and it might be the worst daily traffic you will ever encounter
  • Inside the 295 loop is the same and it doesn’t present the safest capital region.
  • Winters that can stick around until April

Public transportation

New Jersey is a growing state, a lot of people have been moving there lately. One of the things that people care about when moving or living somewhere is public transportation. A state in which population is growing should provide good transportation. Unfortunately, New Jersey has a lot of transit issues. There are times when a train doesn’t show up for an hour or a bus is delayed because the traffic is wild. They have just recently started to make some changes by providing more buses during the rush hours. It is better that people use public transportation because it is eco-friendlier. The point is to have walkable communities that are designed for people, not cars. This way, living in NJ will be more appealing.

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