Main criteria for choosing the right neighborhood

Main criteria for choosing the right neighborhood

When deciding where to live or move next there are certain criteria we must watch out for. In order to find the best possible location to live in, we’ll need to do work. So, when choosing the right neighborhood for your next home make sure you follow these guidelines.

First things first

The first and most important thing you need to do is know your limits. In order to get the best neighborhood, you’ll first need to know what kind of neighborhood you’d like. Apart from this, you’ll need to know what kind of hood you’ll never even think of moving to. Here are certain factors which may influence your decision:

  • The size of your family – No point in moving to an urban, fast-paced environment where only small apartments are available. Having a family requires a bit more space to maneuver.
  • Your lifestyle – Do you eat in restaurants or at home? Do you clean your own place or hire someone to do it? What is that one pub, bar or diner you can’t live without?
  • Job – is choosing the right neighborhood to live in going to affect your job?
Rooftops seen from a bird's perspective - look from all sides before choosing the right neighborhood

Take the size of your family, and your job and lifestyle into consideration when choosing the right neighborhood.


The most important criterion for choosing the right neighborhood is the location. This will mostly depend on your preferences. If you like the hectic and chaotic urban atmosphere you’ll decide to live in a neighborhood closer to the city. On the other hand, if peace and quiet is what you want, all you need to do is pick the right suburb. There are a number of awesome suburban places you should check out.

Apart from this, the location of your neighborhood will influence your commute times. If you have a problem with spending more time on the subway, you’ll want to choose the neighborhood which is closer to your place of business. Furthermore, if you don’t have a car or another means of transport, you might want to live closer to the city so you don’t waste your time moving there and back.

A big city at dawn - a place where choosing the right neighborhood is not easy

Perhaps you should choose a neighborhood close to the city.


What restaurants, bars or diners can’t you live without? Do you like to go to the cinema and do you need one in your neighborhood? In order to make your life as easy as possible after your relocation to your new hood, you’ll need to make sure that it has everything you need. Don’t consider relocating to a place if it doesn’t meet all your criteria. For example, don’t move to Montreal if you don’t like the food there, or if you need to take two trains to get to your favorite nightclub. Also, don’t think about moving to a place which doesn’t have everything you may need.

A teacher at work holding a book

Make sure your hood has schools.

Apart from the bars, restaurants and nightclubs, you’ll need to make sure your new neighborhood has community centers, schools and daycare facilities. Depending on who you’re moving with this will be crucial! There’s no point in moving with kids to a place that is far from their school. When choosing the right neighborhood make sure it meets the needs of every family member!

Apart from this, the best way to decide whether a neighborhood is good for you is to explore it on foot. Sometimes choosing the right neighborhood isn’t about choosing the one that has everything you want, but about having everything near you. Take a look at which amenities in your hood are close and which are not. Make sure you can walk to all your favorite parks and restaurants. This will not only make your stay there more enjoyable, but it will also give you a dose of exercise.

A wooden bridge in a park

Are there any parks in the vicinity of your home?

Choosing the right neighborhood you can afford

Another important criterion for deciding which borough to relocate to is affordability. Before you even start packing for the relocation you’ll need to make sure you can afford it. Do thorough research of every neighborhood you’d like to move to. Make sure you know the costs of housing and living in any place you’re planning to move to. If you can’t afford the same lifestyle you’re used to, you might have troubles adjusting to the move. Apart from this, make sure you hire affordable movers to help you with your relocation. Finally, if your new home is not as big as the old one, use some of the best storage solutions to keep your things safe while you figure out what to do with them.

There is a way you can increase your budget before moving, and get some extra cash in order to make life in your new hood a bit easier. You can decide to sell your home and use the funds for your new place. You can check out what your home is worth on our website.

Think about your needs when choosing the right neighborhood

There is no perfect guide to choosing the right neighborhood to live in. Nothing will work 100% of the time, and some places may seem interesting only to turn our bad in the end. The most important things you need to focus on are your own needs. If you keep what you want in mind and strive to achieve it, your life will be easy in any neighborhood. However, if you neglect your needs and decide to try a hood just because of one aspect, you might find yourself in a predicament. So, once you decide it’s time to relocate, keep your needs and wants in mind. This will help you decide on the best location for yourself and your family.

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