How to save money when moving to Canada

How to save money when moving to Canada

When it comes to relocating your home or office, nobody likes spending more money than necessary. If you have ever moved before, then you know that it cannot be a cheap endeavor. Moving to Canada is no different. Luckily, there are some tips that can help you.

What place did you choose for moving to Canada?

Many Americans find Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal to be the most interesting migration destinations. Therefore, they are the most expensive ones in Canada. If you cannot afford to pay high rent, maybe you should opt for a smaller town.

the skyline of Toronto, Canada, from across the lake
Toronto can be your choice when moving to Canada.

A good plan does miracles for your budget

Why would you pay somebody to do something you can do yourself? Let’s face it – you cannot do it all alone. You should decide what parts of the “Moving to Canada” project you can do and for which parts you need professional help. Be realistic!

Time is money – use it wisely when moving to Canada

If your decision on moving to Canada is final, then you should sit down and make a to-do list. Brainstorm and write down everything that comes to mind. Organize your ideas in chronological order. The sooner you make a plan, the more money you will be able to save.

First things first – do you need a passport or visa for moving to Canada?

Whenever it comes to documents, you need to be very careful. If you are not sure whether you need a passport and/or visa for Canada, you can always contact the Canadian embassy. They will tell you if what you have is enough or you need some additional paperwork. This information can save you some money too! The cost of issuing a passport or visa on short notice is higher than when you do it in a timely manner!

A suitcase, a book and American passport needed for moving to Canada
Your documents should always be at hand.

Did you find the moving agency for the relocation?

Even though you might be on a tight budget, moving on your own is not a good option. As it turns out, so many things can go wrong. Hiring professionals is always money well spent. Bear in mind that the good moving companies are booked well in advance. Good to know is that you have Irvine based moving professionals at your service.

Always choose reliable movers and try to negotiate the price. You might be surprised to find that moving is less expensive if done on workdays or in the middle of the month. Even the season for moving to Canada counts. If you can choose – avoid summer and move in wintertime.

Who is doing the packing?

If you really need to save a dime or two, maybe you could do your own packing for moving or ask your friends and family for help. Start by making categories of your stuff. Your list of items can look something like this:

  • Items that you’re taking with you
  • Things to be donated
  • Useless stuff – throw them away! Moving to Canada is your great opportunity to get rid of all unnecessary stuff. Movers will charge you less if you have fewer things.
  • Small items that you might need, but not immediately upon moving – you can ask your friends or relatives to keep them for you.
  • Items that you do not need, but some people could find useful – sell them! If you do not have time for a garage or yard sale you can take photos of items and go to online marketplaces.
  • Valuable items that you might need, but not right now – put them in a storage unit.

Do not buy things right before moving to Canada

Since you are moving across the border you might be charged duty-free or import tax. It’s a double waste of money because you have to pay the tax and you have more things to move. Be patient and buy what you planned after moving to Canada. The same goes for winter clothes you will need for sub-zero temperatures if you are moving to the north.

Have you got packing supplies?

This is where you can save a lot! You do not have to buy new boxes for movement to Canada. There are so many options. Try to find used ones that are in good condition online. Or, you can visit your local book store. The boxes designed for books are pretty sturdy and can be very useful for your relocation. Similarly, the boxes that you can obtain from your convenience store are perfect for this purpose.

There is no need for you to waste your money on expensive boxes for clothes that you keep on hangers. Tape a few hangers together, make a little hole at the bottom of a trash bag and then put the clothes inside the bag with the hanger hooks pulled through the hole. When it’s time for unpacking you can just cut the bag and hang your clothes. Also, vacuum-seal bags can be very useful for moving to Canada.

A pile of blankets
Some of your own blankets could serve as moving supplies.

Be practical – do not move empty bags and suitcases

You can pack clothes and some small items in your bags instead of boxes. Moreover, you should fill your suitcase with the stuff you might need in the first few days upon moving to Canada. At any point in your moving, you must know where your personal documents are.

In case you saved the original boxes for your computer, TV or any other electronic device those could come in handy. In like manner, you can use your blankets and linen instead of those that you would rent from moving company.

Buy used furniture

If you opted for a rented apartment and you don’t have money to spare, consider buying some used furniture. You’d be surprised to see how precious pieces you could find at a reasonable price.

Put some money aside

Just in case something unexpected happens, you should have some money put aside. Whenever you have a big project at your hands you must have a contingency plan. Moving to Canada is definitely such a project. In addition, the smart thing to do is to pay for moving insurance. You give the small amount of money up front, but it could be a good investment should anything go wrong.

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