Moving Injuries – How to avoid them?

Moving Injuries – How to avoid them?

Moving is chaotic. It is time, money and energy consuming. But if you are not careful enough, moving can also be painful. Many people try to save money and do everything by themselves. That is, having a DIY kind of is more common than hiring a moving company. But, when doing everything by yourself, you risk having some kind of a moving injury. Some of the most common moving injuries are back and knee injury, broken fingers or toes, or cuts and scrapes. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid moving injuries. So, if you are interested in preventing them, keep on reading.

Most Common Moving Injuries

Back InjuriesBack Injuries are the most common types of injuries. They happen when people think they can do all the heavy lifting by themselves and lift with their backs instead with their legs. So, when lifting furniture and boxes, use your common sense. As previously mentioned, always lift with your legs. And, if something seems too heavy, aks somebody to help you out.

Knee InjuriesThey happen when you put too much pressure on your knees. To prevent a knee injury from happening, try to use a sliding device. These are great when moving big and heavy things.

Broken Fingers and Toes –  These happen when people are not paying attention, or when they are simply clumsy. The best way to protect yourself from these kinds of moving injuries is by always wearing safety gloves. Moreover, never wear open shoes, slippers, flip-flops and similar. Your feet must be covered at all times!

Cuts and Scrapes – You will be surprised by how many sharp edges there are in your house, and how moving equipment can be dangerous. Cutting yourself while packing and relocating your belongings is very possible if you do not follow safety measures. So, be sure that your skin and all body parts are completely covered.

Two people moving a chair - moving injuries

Avoid heavy lifting as it can cause many moving injuries.

How to Avoid Moving Injuries?

As previously mentioned, there are many ways to avoid moving injuries. First things first, use common sense! People usually forget about common sense especially if they are moving in a hurry. Then, make sure that you are using proper moving equipment. And always wear protective gear. Things like gloves covered shoes, jeans, and a helmet are a must. Also, while transporting your stuff from room to room, or to a moving truck, be sure that your path is clear and that you are in constant contact with everybody near you. Use your legs for lifting, not your back. It is also a good idea to do some stretching exercises before you start moving items. Last but not least, eat healthily and stay hydrated!

Hire a Moving Agency

Well, to be honest, the best way to avoid moving injuries is to hire a moving agency that you can trust. You will stay away from all the heavy lifting and working with equipment you are probably not familiar with and focus on more important things of your move. People working for moving agency are trained and experienced professionals. They will do the job in a much quicker and safer manner. You will not have to lift a finger.

A man holding a box.

Save yourself from moving injuries and hire professionals.


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