Best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens

Best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens

New York City is a melting pot of people from all walks of life, there is no doubt in that. But, the borough where you can experience that melting pot the most, is definitely Queens. So, if you are trying to pick the right NYC suburb, you will not go wrong. Many people say it is the most diverse urban area in the whole world. Each neighborhood in Queens has a whole different story. And there is something for everybody. However, the thing that attracts most people is the fact that Queens is among the cheapest boroughs in New York. That means that there are many affordable housing solutions located in some of the best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens. But that does not mean that those neighborhoods lack something. Quite the contrary! Each neighborhood is rich in history and culture. So, if you are interested in moving to some of the best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens, keep on reading.

1. Astoria

Astoria is especially popular among young professionals commuting to Manhattan because it is just a short subway ride away for downtown. Many people who can not afford to live in urban Manhattan, decide to rent in Astoria. It is because you can find a one-bedroom for $1000-$2000 per month, which is considered cheap for New York City. Moreover, Astoria is a great solution for families as well. Besides the two already mentioned reasons, families love Astoria because the crime rates are low, and there are plenty of school options. And, for those people who love going out and sightseeing, you will be glad to hear that Astoria is also home to the Bohemian Beer Hall and Garden, and Astoria Park, both of which are some of the nicest spots in New York City to be on a warm, sunny day.

Astoria, Queens. One of the best Best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens

If you were looking for some of the best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens, Astoria is for you.

2. Bayside

Bayside is also among some of the best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens. But, Bayside is for families or people planing have a family soon. There are no tall buildings and skyscrapers, no loud nightclubs and crimes. Here, you will mostly find single-family homes, either to rent or buy. And they are not just any houses. When you see them, you will fall in love. Those are Tudors, ranches, colonials, and contemporary homes with meticulously landscaped lawns. Houses are big and yard are even bigger. Perfect for children and pets. Moreover, both public and private schools have an outstanding education system. And, what locals love the most about Bayside is the strong sense of community. You will experience that suburban, family-friendly feel. And, Bayside is with many parks, golf courses, and nature centers. So, if you liked what you read, call DA Moving NYC and start packing your bags.

a single family home

You will certainly fall in love with the architecture and nature of Bayside.

3. Jamaica Estates

Jamaica Estates is very unique. Actually, it is something you will not find in the rest of Queens or the entire New York City. When they were building this neighborhood, the idea was to make it resemble an old English village. Now, Jamaica Estates represents a mix of urban and rural. It has village-features, but it is very close to Manhattan, so there is no need to worry about missing out on anything. People love living here because it is quiet and secluded in a way, and the houses are cheaper. This features also make Jamaica Bay one of the best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens. However, bear in mind that here you will not find that urban feel and all the hustle and bustle New York stands for. This is a place where families usually live. Also, most houses here are free-standing Tudors. And the neighborhood is hilly and lined with trees. So, do not wait, find a reliable NYC moving company and relocate to Jamaica Estates.

4. Woodhaven

Woodhaven is probably the only place in the entire New York where you can get off the train, go for a walk through a forest, grab a bite to eat from a Latin restaurant and head straight home to a house that was built a century ago. So, if you are interested in Woodhaven, NY has reputable moving professionals that can help you relocate here in no time. Here, homes are cheaper, and they are built in the Victorian style. Almost all of them, are single and detached and come with a yard. It was a hidden gem in the past, but now, people are realizing its value. And what is more, not only Americans realized that. When you start walking down the street you will hear many languages, from Chinese to Italian. Nevertheless, the sense of community here is really strong. Every weekend you will see neighbors having a barbecue together.

a victorian style home

Woodhaven is great if you want your children to grow up learning many languages and learning about many different cultures.

Long Island City

So far, we mentioned some of the best middle-class neighborhoods in Queens that mostly families enjoy. But, Long Island City is a whole other story. It is an artsy neighborhood located right on the East River across from Manhattan. And it is growing rapidly. People who want to be part of the Manhattan lifestyle, but can not afford to settle there, move to Long Island City. It is the closest neighborhood to Manhattan in Queens. So, you will be just one subway ride from all the hustle and bustle. Moreover, not only party-goers like this place. It is becoming extremely popular among businessmen and young professionals as many businesses and companies are being opened all the time. However, bear in mind that houses here are rather expensive, so it would be a better solution to rent an apartment.

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