How to speed up your moving process?

How to speed up your moving process?

Speeding up your moving process might not be advisable, but sometimes it has to be done. There is no correct formula for this – it depends on your current situation. However, there are some things that we can help you with. For example, we can tell you what is the fastest way to proceed with the move. Moving might be both long and troublesome so it is in your best interest to get it over with as soon as possible. However, you also need to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Fast is not necessarily good, so keep that in mind when you are trying to speed up your moving process.

Calculate, calculate and calculate

Yes, you got it – calculate! Add planning into your calculations as well. Also add expenses. Oh, and you can add professional help as well. But, first and foremost, it is of key importance that you schedule everything in advance. You might want to do some research on the moving seasons in your area and to try to avoid them. When the demand is high, it will be both more costly and lengthy for you to move. In season peaks, moving companies might not be available when you want them. The prices will also be much higher, so calculate everything in advance. You can pack your belongings with some assistance in order to make the entire process faster. That can save you a lot of time.

A man looking at a lot of papers that are stacked to the wall, perhaps preparing himself for the moving process.
You won’t have to prepare this much, but make sure to calculate, and then calculate some more!

Calculating prices is also one of the key factors in speeding up your moving process. There is a big difference if you are planning to do something locally or perhaps something that is long distance. Prices vary depending on the distance, so make sure that you know this before trying to speed anything up. Also, a good preparation is the key when finances are concerned as well. It is always advisable to save up at least 15% more for the travel expenses than it is actually required. This way, some minor difficulties won’t slow down your moving process. After all, it is in your best interest to do it as quickly as possible.

Seek professionals to help you with the moving process

The fastest way to get moving done is by hiring the professionals. There are a lot of moving companies around the world that you can rely upon for the move. Companies such as Tik Tok do this professionally and you can always call them to arrange your move. Moreover, they will do the entire work for you as fast as possible. Just make sure to call them beforehand and to let them know about the specific details of your move. The moving process is complex and while there are people that can help you, you can also help them by providing them with sufficient information.

A mover carrying a cardboard box next to a moving van.
The movers will greatly ease the moving process (duh).

What will the professionals do? Well, first and foremost, they will arrange the moving date. They will then estimate the cost of the move for you. Remember that the cost depends on the type of the move. Local moving, for example, will cost much less than a long distance one. The professionals will also advise you on how to pack your things, or even do it for you. The possibilities are endless. Basically, if you want to move really fast, then hiring the professionals is the way to go. This is the most advisable option, although it is not impossible to do it on your own, only probably not as efficiently.

Sort out the inventory and call friends for help

After you have scheduled your move, it would be wise to sort out your inventory. You know if it is a full move or a partial one, so plan accordingly. Make a list that should contain items such as:

  • Most needed items – the items that you must bring with you (clothes, credit cards, laptops…);
  • Expensive items – the items that you must relocate (refrigerator, valuables…);
  • Easily-found items – items that are easy to get in the new location  (plates, cutlery…);
  • Worthless items – items that are not worth bringing with you (old clothes, junk, scrap…);
A notebook.
Making a list of your inventory will make the moving process easier.

This way your inventory list is complete and you can speed up the process. You should sort out the essentials and necessary items first and prepare them for moving ASAP. If you happen to have more space in your transport vehicle, then you should get some replaceable items as well. However, you should never bring waste items with you. They are simply not worth it. Check your storage and discard or sell whatever you won’t be needing anymore. Or you can even relocate those things to another location. Both options work.

Your friends are just the right people to help you with your relocation. It takes one person much more time to do anything related to moving than it would take several. Keep this in mind when you are planning your move. Time is of the essence, so use it well! Furthermore, you need to keep in mind the schedules of your friends as well. Make sure everyone is available at the arranged time so that they can help you out. Your other option might be to hire the professionals to help you with the move. Once again, both options will work.

Let everyone know in advance

If you let everyone know about the move in advance, you might even save some time. People close to you will help you with everything you need. They might even handle the move together with you. Planning in advance is always good, so make sure that you do it correctly. After all, you need to move as quickly as possible, so better get all the help that you can get.


Congratulations! You have successfully moved from one place to another and you did it in a very short time! This is something many movers strive for, but very seldom achieve. You probably wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t plan everything in advance or hired a moving company to help you. When time is concerned, it is always a safer option to take as much time as you need for the best results. One can never be certain (well, except you of course). Enjoy your success!

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