Things Canadian expats miss about Canada

Things Canadian expats miss about Canada

There are a lot of Canadians living abroad. Some may be chasing a career while others like to experience different climate conditions. No matter what, there are always some special things Canadian expats miss about Canada. Here is what we have to say on the subject.

The most common things Canadian expats miss about Canada

The most common things Canadians miss about their homeland are:

  1. Tim Hortons Inc.
  2. Efficiency of services
  3. The excellent health care
  4. Hockey Night in Canada
  5. Famous Canadian politeness
  6. The clean water
  7. Wide open-spaced country
A Canadian flag.

There are a lot of things Canadian expats miss about Canada.

Tim Hortons Inc.

Although it has more than 4,800 restaurants spread in 14 countries, what Canadians miss the most is having it at every corner. Nothing beats the Canadians’ favorite restaurant when it comes to coffee and donuts. Having a long trip across Canada means that there is no chance you will miss it at any pit stop when taking a pause. In a word, many expats realize this only when they move abroad.

Efficiency of services

Canada is a wide open-space country. The quality of life there depends a lot on the efficiency of communication, transport, health care, and other services. Some may take these things for granted only to find out it can be totally different in another country. Given these points, if you are Canadian, when moving home across the globe you might want to find the best quality services outside of your home country.

The excellent health care

The health care system is something Canadians are extremely proud of. However, many expats don’t realize it at first. Only when they come in touch with other systems like private health care, they start to miss their own.

Hockey Night in Canada is definitely one of the things Canadian expats miss about Canada

Enjoying a different weather condition with hot summers and warm beaches can be quite exciting for people coming from the North. However, whether you are being a hockey fan or not, you will start to miss the Canadian hockey nights. It is a kind of tradition and is deeply rooted within every Canadian citizen.

A game of ice-hockey as one of the things Canadian expats miss about Canada.

Ice-hockey is what everybody likes in Canada.

Famous Canadian politeness

Canadians are extremely polite and considerate people. It is in their culture to be friendly and kind. With this in mind, some Canadian expats find it can be really hard to deal with people from another “cultural environment”. To say at least, they will miss a lot their fellow countrymen words exchange when moving internationally.

The clean water is one of the things Canadian expats miss about Canada

Having clean water everywhere is something that Canadians will definitely miss the most. For them, it is normal to have usable, drinkable, and high-quality water from every source. Outside of Canada, it can be overwhelming having to worry about water in bottles. Not many countries in the world can say they are proud of their freshwater like Canada.

Wide open-space country

At first, it may come as a shock when you find reliable movers and move out of  Canada to some highly populated place. You can get used to it in time. However, for many Canadian expats, living in a huge and beautiful country, where everything is “big” can be something they’ll miss a lot. Impressive nature scenery, a lot of space for privacy, and long enjoyable rides are just some of the characteristics they used to enjoy. Also, a lot of green surfaces and parks in major cities is something you can’t find all around the world.

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