How to pack for storage: Long-term vs. short-term

How to pack for storage: Long-term vs. short-term

When your moving time comes, it is an important thing to keep all things under the control and to have everything organized. Even if it sounds difficult to manage all the things, the trick is to be prepared and to have everything planned. One thing which most people do not predict on time is renting a storage unit. In most ways, they do not have enough space in their new home and they need to put their belongings somewhere. When that situation comes, they need to pack for storage. But, one difference should be made in the beginning. Packing for long-term and short-term storage is not the same thing. So, what should you know?

Have a moving inventory list so you can pack for storage

The first thing which you need to do is to make a moving inventory list. By having this list, you will know the exact number of your belongings which you need to pack for storage. To have a clear image of them, you should make categories and separate them in this way. For example, mixing the belongings from the kitchen and living room can make things chaotic and messy. So, for every room in your home, you should have a special category on your list. When you write all them down, you can continue your packing process.

A checklist can be very helpful when you need to pack for storage

Create a moving inventory list and write your items.

Look for moving assistance

No matter which storage unit you are going to choose, you still need to make sure that your belongings are going to be transported in the safest way. To achieve this, you should have extra help. In other words, hiring a moving company is a crucial thing for every relocation process. Keep in mind that you will have professional experts on your side who will know how to pack, prepare, and transport your belongings in the safest way. So, you should do research on the internet and see some of the available relocation assistance options. When you are looking for a company, check the reviews, see for how long they are in the moving industry, what types of services do they offer and many other things which are important for your move.

While you are looking for a moving company, check if they have storage units

Keep in mind that not all companies have storage units. Even if you have a huge number of moving companies, not all of them are the same. So, while you are looking for professional assistance in relocating your belongings, check if they offer storage units. It will be a real score if you can find a company which offers moving, packing, and storing services such as Preferred Movers NH. This is also a way in which you can know if a company is a reliable one or not.

Storage units

When you look for a moving company, check if they have storage services.

To pack for storage, what you should know?

As you know, there are real benefits of renting a storage unit. When you are storing your belongings, you can be sure that they are going to be safe and protected properly by movers. But, as we mentioned, you need to decide for how long you are going to use a storage unit for your belongings. The main question is what is a better option: Long-term or short-term storage. So, what is the difference and how to make the right choice for you?

How to organize your packing for a long-term storage

Firstly, let us present to you what are the benefits and how to pack for long-term storage:

  • You can store your belongings for more than 3 months. – When you pack for storage, if you are renting a long-term, keep in mind that you can keep your belongings more than in short-term storage.
  • Do not pack in plastic boxes. – To be sure about the safety of your belongings, use cardboard boxes because you can put more items inside them and secure even more.
  • Gather as many packing materials as you can before putting your belongings inside a storage unit. – The cardboard boxes are primary but using packing tapes, packing markers, egg cartons, etc. can also be very useful when you are renting long-term storage.
  • Make a schedule and have a place for every box inside a storage unit.- Since your belongings are going to be inside a storage unit for a long period, you should make a schedule inside the unit and put all the boxes in the way you want to. This will be very helpful because you will know what is where when you need to take them out.

As you can see, using long-term storage is mostly for the purpose of to safely store the items you don’t use. You can keep them longer and take only when you need them or if you are relocating to another city or state.

A cardboard box

Use cardboard boxes to secure your belongings even more.

What about short-term storage?

  • Mostly, you will put belongings which you are going to use in less than 3 months.-
  • Make sure that your belongings are safe.
  • Use packing materials.- Like with long-term storage, use boxes, packing tapes, packing markers, and other materials which will secure them in the right way.
  • Put them properly and so you can know what is where. – By having your own schedule, it will be easier for you to take your boxes out when the time comes.

So, when you pack for storage, which type you should use?

In the end, if you are asking yourself which type of storage unit you should use, the answer is very simple. It depends on how long you are planning to stay in the city or in that neighborhood where you are currently living in. There is no mistake, no matter which type of these two units you are going to choose. Just pack for storage properly and see for how long you are going to keep your belongings inside a unit.






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