Moving from Canada to the UAE

Moving from Canada to the UAE

No matter the location, moving is a daunting, but exciting task. It’s filled with learning about the new culture, the bureaucratic systems, plus more. And moving from Canada to the UAE is no different. This guide will provide you with some information you need to know in order to prepare and plan your international relocation.


The UAE or the United Arab Emirates is made up of seven states. This country is a popular destination for expats worldwide looking to experience a quality life that is unaffordable elsewhere. Because here, you can mix the comforts of home with a glamorous and exotic lifestyle. Canadians are one of the top nationalities of expats now living in the UAE. They’re drawn in for many reasons. Like the perk of paying no tax on their earnings as well as beautiful beaches. Then, active social lives and the opportunity to explore a unique landscape quite different from home. So, after hearing this, you may want to expedite moving from Canada to the UAE process and hire some moving professionals. But, first, make sure you know how to avoid moving scams.

United Arab Emirates flag.

UAE is a country unlike no other. Moving from Canada to the UAE will be hard if you’re not aware of some of the basics from our introduction.

Moving from Canada to the UAE – moving belongings

Every international move demands sorting belongings. And especially when moving from Canada to the UAE. Because as a Muslim country, there’re restrictions on certain items, and your belongings will be inspected. It is best to learn how to find the best movers for relocation and pick their services. Because professionals know how to perform an international move. Plus, they have services like packing and transporting, as well as secure storage. The shipping time varies. From 5-7 weeks for single-use containers to 9-11 weeks on a shared container service. Movers will advise you on shipping times depending on the service you pick. Also, the UAE has customs and checks that may add another fortnight onto the shipping times. This is why you must prepare months in advance.

Finding a place to live

If you’re considering moving from Canada to the UAE, you have to do some research. Because you need to be sure that you’re moving to the right place. Priorities are different for everyone. But schools, work, social life, and community may be important, among other things. This will help you make the right decision.

Even though the UAE has a lot of attractive elements and it’s a desirable place to live in, the culture and climate are quite different. So, you may need some time to familiarize yourself with those changes. Like the climate, for example. It’s subtropical and you’ll be dealing with the heat all year round. Then, as a Muslim state, it’s common for some public areas to have facilities for women. Like the public transport, fitness centers, banks, and recreational areas. Keep this in mind if you plan to hire Dubai PT. Working hours vary depending on the nature of business. The weekend is over Friday and Saturday with the beginning of the working week on Sunday. Then, it’s illegal for an unmarried couple to cohabit.

These are just some examples of the changes in the culture you may experience. Even though expats generally acclimatize and embrace these changes fairly quickly, it’s good to be aware of them before you arrive and experience culture shock!

A cartoon man with a magnifying glass - before moving From Canada to the UAE you have to find the perfect place. to live

Before moving do full research, and make sure that you are moving to the right place.


Moving from Canada to the UAE is complicated. Because there’re Customs and Excise regulations for importing belongings. Even though shipments of household goods are usually duty-free, if you have a residence permit, there’re some restrictions to what you can bring in with you. 

Those restrictions apply for any written material, like books, newspapers, and magazines. Then, pictures, records, films, tapes, slides, movies, videos, CDs and computer software. These items may contain political, religious or pornographic material that is offensive and forbidden. Pack these items separately, for easy access and mark on the inventory. Plus, medication and foodstuff are subject to inspect, so pack them separately too. This can sound a bit stressful but if you learn how to find a decent mover that you can trust, you’ll make it easier.


You can import cars and other motor vehicles, but they will be subject to duty. Keep a UAE residence visa and supply a range of documentation. Like registration documents, the title of the deed, certificate of origin. Then, proof of ownership, copy of purchase invoice and passport, insurance policy, and a residence permit.


If you’re moving from Canada to the UAE permanently, clear up any financial matters before you leave. Clear any loans and organize bank accounts. Also, make sure you open an account in the bank before you leave Canada. Because, when moving to a new country, there can be great difficulty in opening a bank account as you have no credit history. Some of the main banks in the UAE are Dubai Islamic Bank, First Gulf Bank, and Emirate NBD, among many others. 

Also, calculate your budget well and save some money to hire a professional trainer you can afford in Dubai. You have to keep yourself healthy.

Credit card.

Don’t forget to open a bank account before you move.

Visas are important when moving from Canada to the UAE

To move or spend over 30 days in the UAE, you need a visa. The easiest way to get it is if you have a job lined up. Because your future employer will sort out all of these details for you. Also, the rules vary in the different Emirate. So, it’s advisable to contact the bodies within your chosen one first and find out where you stand.

Living in the UAE

This country is experiencing a boom in different career sectors. This is happening thanks to the quick development, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The UAE is leading in net migration rates. Diverse industry professionals are now looking to make the move here, and the perk of no income tax is a huge attraction. Some sectors face huge rises in job availability. Like construction, financial services, tourism, media, marketing, telecommunications, engineering and IT. So, finding a job here shouldn’t be difficult. People transport across the UAE by car or taxi. Also, there is a good bus service available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain that locals often use. As for the renting prices, they vary based on the condition and location of a property. 

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