Creative ways to declutter your home

Creative ways to declutter your home

Unfortunately, we live in times of materialism and consumerism, and because of that, we tend to accumulate too much stuff. Usually, almost all that stuff is unnecessary and useless. Yes, sometimes it is very difficult to stop buying new things, and even more difficult to get rid of the old ones. But, as soon as you realize that decluttering and downsizing is the way to go, your life will become so much easier. So, what are you waiting for? The house is not going to declutter itself. Do not worry, we are here to help you out. Here we will share all the tips and tricks on decluttering your home, room by room. Thus, if interested in some creative ways to declutter your home, keep on reading.

How to Declutter Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually the easiest rooms to declutter as there are the fewest things there. So, let us start with the easiest project. First things first, gather some boxes and bins which you will use for sorting things. Then, open all of your drawers and take everything out. Keep and clean the items you use on an everyday basis, and get rid of everything else. It is also a good idea to get drawer organizers and place them inside. They are great for keeping your items well organized and neat. Then, move to the medicine cabinet. Thoroughly check everything. Pay special attention to the expiration dates. If you notice that something has expired, throw it away immediately. And, if you have a lot of beauty products, cosmetics, and similar laying around, clean them and put them in the drawers or on the shelves.

A bathroom.

If you want your bathroom to be clean and neat, keep everything in drawers.

How to Declutter Your Kitchen

Then, we move to the kitchen. It is important to keep our kitchens decluttered as a lot of things are happening there – we are eating, cooking and entertaining. But, for all those tasks, we need a lot of stuff. So, yes, it is not always easy to get rid of all those things we have in our kitchen. But, if you do not use it regularly, why would you keep it? Be strict to yourself and get rid of all the things you have not used recently! That is the only way to declutter your home. So, simply, start by emptying kitchen cabinets and drawers. Then, asses each item. If you need to keep it, put it where it belongs, if not, donate or throw it away! Afterward, move to your countertops. If you have a lot of kitchen items on them, move them to cabinets, or some other storage space in your home. If you think that you will need some of your kitchen items in the future, check out some of the kitchen packing tips and tricks and move the items into storage.

A kitchen.

Always keep the kitchen countertops empty. That way, the whole area will be more functional.

How to Declutter Your Living and Dining Room

Living and dining rooms should be areas where people enjoy their meals, conversate, relax and unwind. But, if those two areas of your home are cluttered, you will not be able to relax or enjoy yourself at all. So, do yourself a favor and stop accumulating stuff in your home. The dining room should consist of only a table and a few chairs. Nothing else. Remove other pieces of furniture from there if possible. And, when it comes to living rooms, invest in proper shelving! That is the best way to create space for all the decorative knick-knacks, books, photos, and similar. Also, check the electronics. Besides your TV, what else are you using? If you have some other electronics, are they working, are they in good shape? If the answer to most of these questions is NO, then get rid of them. That is the best way to declutter your home. 

How to Declutter Your Bedroom And Closet

You can not declutter your home without cleaning and organizing your bedroom and closets. These two areas are often neglected by many as they are private. Because of that, people tend to collect too much stuff in there. But, if you sleep and get dressed in a chaotic place, your whole day will be chaotic. So, take a few days off and start decluttering. Take everything out from your closets, dressers, wardrobes, or any other piece of furniture you have in your bedroom. Think about every clothing item you have. What was the last time you wore it? Recently or not? If not, let it hit the bin. If you have closets in your home, try to get rid of all the furniture in your bedroom, educate yourself on junk removal rates. Buy some nice organizers, hangers, and invest in proper shelving. You will see that your life will become so much simpler after doing so.

A bedroom

Remove as much stuff as you can from your bedroom if you want to sleep and live comfortably.


After reading all of this, by now you should have realized that your life would be soo much simpler without having that much stuff. So, get rid of anything you do not need in your home. You can call guys from to help you out too.

In order to declutter your home, keep only the items that are necessary, valuable and irreplaceable. Focus on simplicity and living clutter-free. While sorting out through your belongings, really consider whether you need some item or not. If not, give it to somebody who can really use it, sell it online, or give it to your local charity. Moreover, for the items you have left, make a plan. Everything should be in its place. It is a good idea to invest in proper shelving or even storage units too. That way, you can pack for storage those items you need but do not use it on a daily basis.

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