Guide to shipping to and from Saudi Arabia

Guide to shipping to and from Saudi Arabia

Do you need to ship items from KSA or to KSA? What are the restrictions and are there different rules about importing and exporting items? Yes, there are. Shipping to and from Saudi Arabia requires researching. Researching shipping companies, their rules, and regulations, and if you are moving to or from Saudi Arabia, researching moving companies.

When moving overseas, shipping your household items is the safe options and if you want to save money when moving, it is an affordable option. But, shipping is not only when moving. This can be part of your business, or you need to ship something to your friends or family.

Shipping to and from Saudi Arabia – restrictions

You cannot import whatever you want in Saudi Arabia. There are rules you must follow. The best way to find out what you cannot ship to KSA is to ask a shipping company, but some of the items are the same for each company, such as:

  • Animals and animal products, no matter what type of meat it is. Fresh meat must be properly labeled and it must have Halal certificate and other special documents.
  • Chemicals can be dangerous, so you cannot include them in shipping to and from Saudi Arabia.
  • Cosmetics can be imported, but only if you have required documentation. Products in Saudi Arab are in the Arab language, so you make sure to fulfill that.
  • Food and beverages also have strict rules. Especially alcohol drinks, it is forbidden to consume those drinks in the KSA.
  • GMO food too.
  • Medications and medical devices. If you are moving to or from KSA, you must have a prescription for your medications.
  • Textiles
  • Cigarettes
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Know the rules in advance and save time and money

Requirements of import

What are the customs regulations? What you, as an important must have:

  • Important must have a commercial registration
  • Original invoice
  • Certificate from the exporting country
  • Certificate from Chamber of Commerce
  • Foodstuff validity period
  • Registered medication

Documents you need

  • Passport and visa
  • Proof of employment
  • Certificate of health
  • The entire inventory
  • Price for each product
  • Insurance
  • SASO for electrical items
  • Keys if your items are locked
  • In case you need to transport a vehicle, you should have all the documents for it

Choosing the right company for shipping

A good shipping company is key to successful shipping. A company should take care of the entire process, and you should be able to track your shipping 24/7. Four Winds Saudi Arabia is one of the companies you can hire for importing, exporting, and moving.

Keep in mind that your items will be stored for a couple of days. So, learn how pack for storage and to secure your items, especially if you are shipping overseas. You will need the right packing supplies, firm boxes, bubble foil, etc. Don’t save money on packaging, otherwise, your items can be damaged.

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Organize and plan to ship with the right company

Shipping to and from Saudi Arabia may seem like a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. Ship items safely and easily!

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