How to include your whole team in office relocation

How to include your whole team in office relocation

Moving your business to a new office is not only stressful for you as a business owner but also, for your employees. Work as a team and keep your business open during relocation. It is possible to stay productive when moving business if you include your whole team in office relocation. Have a successful move with those tips below and make your business more organized.

First, inform your employees about the relocation

The first step is to inform your team about moving the office to a new location. How to do it? If you are moving to another state or country, for example, moving your business from NJ to Canada, this may worry them, especially if you are closing your current office.

Break the news with these tips and prepare the whole team.

  • Make an announcement as early as possible and don’t let your employees hear about relocation from someone else. It is your responsibility, so don’t wait.
  • Plan how to tell them and what are your announcement options. For example, organize a meeting (if your team is small), email all employees at once, organize departmental meetings, use a notice board, etc.
  • Some employees may be less than thrilled with the decision about relocation. Offer some type of support to concerned employees. Focus on the positive sides and give them as much information as you can.
  • And finally, include your whole team in office relocation and that will make them feel valued and appreciated.
Having a meeting to include your whole team in office relocation.

Find a way to tell your team about relocation. Do it ASAP and be detailed

Include your whole team in office relocation and work together

How can you involve your employees in the moving process?

  • Ask them for feedback about the new office. What can be better and how can the new office be improved?
  • How to remodel and decorate a new office? This is especially important if clients are coming to your office.
  • Your team can make the reception welcoming.
  • You should assign someone to show a new office to other employees before the relocation.
  • Clients and suppliers must be informed that you are changing the address, assign someone to call and email them.

These are just some of the tasks that need to be done before and after the moving process. Don’t do everything by yourself, coordinate your employees and work as a team – together. This way, you will be more organized and faster. Organize the relocation like a pro and expand your business.

An office.

Make sure someone is taking care of a new office It must be ready for moving in and working

Assign employees with different move tasks

Assign moving-related tasks to your employees (before and after moving to a new office). This way, you will speed up your business relocation process and your clients will be satisfied too. You can create small teams and each team should have a job to finish. Or assign each employee to do something. It is up to you how you will organize it. Both ways will work.

Packing an office

Packing will take you and your team most of the time. Especially if you are moving a big office (the entire floor). Each person should be responsible for their own desk. For larger and heavier items, you will need a team. A team of strong people. Include your whole team in office relocation and packing, because some items are not easy to move.

But, before you start packing, you will need to gather enough boxes and other quality packing supplies. It is better to have a few extra boxes than to overpack them.

Put a schedule in visible places

By putting a moving schedule in visible places in the office, you will coordinate and manage your team better. Besides that, create a moving checklist and write all the tasks that need to be done before moving day. For example, write a task and the name of the employee next to that task. Print a couple of copies and keep at least one copy with you.

Keep working and have regular meetings

Don’t stop with your business because you are moving. There is no need to. Professionals can help you with relocation and you can have regular meetings with clients and your team. Your business will be closed for a couple of days, probably, but try to minimize it by having a professional moving company on your side.

Organize your business move and stay productive

The goal is to move your office, but not to be behind with work. How to accomplish it?

  • Create a timeline and be realistic. Don’t rush it too much.
  • Design a new office space and make a plan for the entire floor.
  • Make a budget for moving your office.
  • Make a contact list (the list of your clients and suppliers).

By working together, everything will be faster and easier

Hire a moving company

Hiring a reliable moving company for your office relocation is a very important task. Especially if your office is big or you need to move it to another city. This way you can stay focused on your business and professionals will transport your office furniture and equipment. One of the best companies for commercial relocations isĀ Number 1 Movers Ontario.

Also, don’t forget to have storage space for your documents, equipment, and supplies. If your new office is big enough, look for someĀ storage ideas for an organized and tidy office. If your office is small, then you probably need to rent a storage unit besides an office space.


It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes the whole team to relocate office too. It is not a job for only one person, definitely. That is why you need to include your whole team in office relocation, you are like one big family. Good luck with your business relocation and try to stay productive and to attract more clients.

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