Shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada

Shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada

When moving to another state, leaving your vehicle behind sometimes feels like out of the question. Car enthusiasts and proud owners of collectible models can confirm this above everyone else. But even the common owners find it hard to give up on their favorite vehicle. After all, they have already put enough effort into making it to them as useful as it might be. And there are others who just won’t do it out of the habit. No matter what reasons are, if you are in a position that you need shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada, you should know that it has its own aspects.

What to know when shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada?

At the start, shipping your vehicle to another country might seem easy, but it’s far from it. Especially if you consider commercial vehicle shipping. You won’t be able to apply any universal guide since every country has its own set of laws and regulations. To make it worse, shipping a vehicle from one country to another involves two countries. With you in the middle, you will definitely need help. The best way is for shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada is with the help of companies like Like with any business, reputation, and experience do matter. In this case, it will help you successfully complete the task without much effort. And what is more important, your vehicle will remain in the same condition.

You can ship your car from Bahrain to Canada in a few ways:

  • Container shipping with ocean freight
  • Container shipping by air
  • Roll-on/roll-off shipping

And container shipping can be done with:

  • Dedicated containers
  • Shared containers

Container shipping with ocean freight

This is an economical solution to ship your vehicles if you don’t mind waiting. Generally, many companies are using this type of shipping on a regular basis. For ordinary owners, this might be the best solution if they are moving to Canada, not only visiting Canada. Why? Because with dedicated containers you can choose to ship your household possessions along with your car. It a safe way to deliver your items altogether directly to your new address. The only thing you will need to decide is the size of the container.

People on a small boat in Bahrain.

You can even ship your boat with ocean freight.

Shared containers are similar options with one difference. You are sharing the container space with others, so it’s not so reliable for household possessions. No-one can guarantee complete safety for your personal items since it’s not sealed only for your needs. But for a vehicle, depending on the size, it’s completely fine.

Container shipping by air

By far the fastest option, shipping by air is also the most expensive option. Not cost-effective for a moving, but depending on the circumstances, it can still be a cost-effective method to ship your vehicles. Pickup, transportation, and delivery are usually done on a door-to-door principle. With this method, not only you can ship your vehicles from Bahrain to Canada, but your car can be easily transported anywhere in the world. You are not so limited by the sea and ocean routes like with ocean shipping.

A large airplane flying.

Still the fastest way for transporting both people and vehicles.

Roll-on/roll-off shipping

Roro carrier, as popularly called, is a very cost-effective way to ship your vehicle, even if you are moving. As a matter of fact, with this method, you can ship almost anything with wheels. Your vehicle must be in driving order so the stuff can drive it directly on the carrier. One it arrives in the port, you can take it over after crew drives it out for you. You won’t have separate containers like with other means, but your vehicle is still protected from weather conditions in the inside.

Couple of regulations you need to know when shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada

The best way to get familiar with the regulations is to contact one of the major logistic companies in Bahrain. Get quotes and discuss everything in detail before proceeding further. Since Canada have strict laws regarding importing vehicles, it’s necessary to know if your vehicle can enter the country. Because of the safety standards, you can only import vehicles manufactured for the Canadian market. With a few exemptions like:

  • You might be able to privately import a vehicle older than 15 years.
  • A bus manufactured before January 1st, 1971.
  • Atypical class of vehicles like mobile homes and motorcycle sidecars.
  • If the vehicle is returning back to Canada
  • If the vehicle is compliant originally owned in the United States

Don’t forget that many countries will need you to unregister your vehicles in Bahrain before shipping them to the final destination.

An old horse cart in winter.

You can ship even the old rare carts.

You will need to clean your car for shipment

Besides all the documentation you need to deal with and provide for different authorities, you will have to clean your vehicle. To prevent any kind of contamination on Canadian soil, your vehicle will need to pass complete inspection. To prevent any mud, dirt, or other organic matter to enter the country, customs will follow a certain set of rules and procedures. If needed, they may order additional cleaning of your vehicle. So pay close attention to the next parts:

  • Wheels and tires are the most sensitive parts since they are in direct contact with dirt.
  • Mudguards and the area above your tire.
  • Engine, filters, fans, and secluded parts under the hood and vehicle
  • Interior, especially corners and other heavy to reach parts.

Duty and Tax when shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada

When shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada, whether if you are moving or for commercial purposes, you will need to pay customs duty and tax to Canadian authorities. All the calculation involved is based on the value of your vehicle. Generally, it would be good advice to bring your receipts with you. Along with other complete documentation. Also, you should convert all the values to Canadian dollars.

Shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Canada is a complex process that goes much easier with the help of a professional company. Finally, plan your relocation process to make sure you are in Canada when your vehicle arrives. And just wait for the green light, after which you will be able to take over your prized possession.

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