Pack these essentials before your move

Pack these essentials before your move

Let’s face it – relocation is a stressful and hectic time in everybody’s life. That’s when you become overwhelmed by all the things you need to pack and do, so it’s easy to forget something really important. There, the organization is the key. Checklists are your friends. That’s why you should pack these essentials before your move – here’s the list of the most important things you shouldn’t forget. They will help you manage the first couple of nights until you unpack completely.

Pack these essentials before your move


You probably have a place in your home where you hang or put your keys. As you will move to a new home, we advise keeping all the keys in one place – preferably a pouch or a bag. This will save you time going through bags and boxes in search of a key you need.


Mobile phones, tablets, laptops – make sure you have chargers at hand. Again, having a separate bag for all of the chargers is the best option. However, be sure to tie the cords so you don’t end up detangling them for a long time. Extra tip: pack some spare batteries in this bag. You might need them for times that are not rechargeable.

A mobile with a charger on a table

Don’t be left with a dead battery – have all the chargers at hand

First aid kit

Moving involves a lot of risky situations. Packing and carrying heavy objects often comes with somebody getting hurt. That’s why having a first-aid kit is very important. Pack these essentials before your move – band-aids, antiseptic, painkillers, a thermometer, plasters, gauze dressing, tweezers, etc.

A first aid kit for you to pack these essentials before your move

First aid set is one of the essentials you should pack before your move

To avoid getting hurt during the move – don’t do everything by yourself. Hire an experienced moving company like Hornsey Moving and Storage. The moving team knows the best way to pack and carry the heavy items, so everything goes as smoothly and safely as possible.


As you’ll want to get clean and go to bed after a long day of moving boxes, be sure to pack these essentials before your move. Have everything you might need in the bathroom in a cosmetic bag – shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste, as well as clean towels. Also, be sure to pack some toilet paper and tissues, so you don’t need to go to the store on the first night in the new house.

Basic kitchen supplies

Even if you order food on your first night after you move, you’ll need some basic items to have dinner. Be sure to pack utensils and plates for everybody, as well as glasses and cups. It’s good to have everything you need to prepare some coffee, too, And finally, don’t forget some snacks and drinks – rewarding yourself as well as movers after hard work is a must!


Going through boxes and bags to find clean sheets is not pleasant, especially if you are tired after a long day of moving. That’s why to be sure to prepare sheets, pillowcases, and covers that you’ll need on the first night in a separate bag. This way you’ll find it easy to make the bed for the first time in your new house and go to bed as quickly as possible.


Have a spare set of clothing at hand, since moving can get dirty. This way you can change quickly if you get wet or dirty as you carry items around. Furthermore, don’t forget some sleepwear, as well as underwear – everything you’ll need on your first night.

Stay organized. As we tell you to pack these essentials before your move, we need to remind you do adapt the list according to your plans and needs. Start planning your relocation on time, so you don’t forget the items you really need in the moving process.

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