Moving from sunny LA to cold Canada – how to adjust?

Moving from sunny LA to cold Canada – how to adjust?

Even though moving from sunny LA to cold Canada is a drastic change, we think that you are going to love living in Canada and experiencing winter every year after adjusting to it. That’s why we decided to help you out by giving you some tips on how to adjust to the cold weather that is present in Canada and not in LA. Moving long distances is both exciting and stressful. It means that you will have a lot of adjusting to do which is caused by the fact that no two places on Earth are the same. You have to get used to different things in different places. And not many people would think that moving from a place where it’s always hot and warm to a place where there’s a lot of snow in the winter is a good idea.

This can be very shocking and it can take you a lot of time to adjust to even slightly colder weather. Especially if you lived your whole life in Los Angeles. Even though LA is an amazing city, not a lot of people really like living there. Mostly elderly people want to leave Los Angeles and move somewhere more peace and quiet. And Canada has plenty of those places – peaceful and quiet. But almost all of them are located where there’s a lot of snow and a lot of cold weather. Read about some of the best Canadian cities to move to.

Venice Beach.

LA and Canada have very different climates which means that you will have to do some adjusting after moving to Canada.

Bring the right clothing with you when moving from sunny LA to cold Canada

Adjusting after moving from sunny LA begins while you are still in LA. While you are packing, make sure you get rid of the things that you don’t need. We are assuming that you don’t have a lot of winter clothing in your closet because you never had winter weather in LA. But you must have some jackets, jeans, trousers, sneakers, etc. You are going to need those. All clothing that can be worn when it’s a bit colder outside is welcome. But you do have to throw away some things before relocation, don’t bring everything you own with you.

Bringing clothes with you means that at least for some time you won’t have to purchase new ones. And we say this because we know that long-distance international relocation can be very pricey. After moving you might not have a lot of money left. That is why you should bring as much warm clothing from LA with you as possible. Bringing plenty of clothing with you might make moving out of your home country with minimal stress a bit more expensive.

Girl with a turtleneck.

Bring all winter clothing items that you own with you to Canada.

Pick the right time for moving from sunny LA to cold Canada

Moving any time of the year is possible but definitely not recommended. You have to pick the right time. And there are two reasons why. The number one reason why you need to pick the right season to move is adjusting. If you moving from sunny LA to cold Canada in the middle of the winter, you will shock your body. This is a very drastic change to make all of a sudden. Especially if moving to a small town or somewhere near the mountains. Your body won’t be prepared for this change. And do you know what that means? You could get sick very easily. And this could last throughout the whole winter.

Moving during the winter is also dangerous for both you and your movers. Wintertime is full of snow in Canada which means that the roads are slippery and not easily passable. This is going to make your move last longer which makes it more expensive and it can also be very dangerous. Your car or even worse your moving truck could end up having certain issues because of snow. You could also get hurt while carrying boxes from the truck into your new home which is an even worst-case scenario. You never know.

Moving truck.

Slippery roads and moving trucks don’t go well together.

This is why if moving from sunny LA to Canada, we believe spring or summer are the two best seasons to move. This will both make your move much safer as you won’t have to think about slippery roads and it will make moving easier. Plus, you will give your body enough time to get used to colder summer nights, rainy days, wind, and the gradual drop of temperature that stars to happen in September.

Don’t be afraid of spending time outside

A lot of people seem to be afraid of going outside when the temperature drops. They would rather stay at home. And we can understand that. It’s nice being on the warmth. But you won’t be able to always spend time inside. You must also go somewhere like to school or work or just to the grocery store. And if your body doesn’t get the chance to adjust, it never will and you will always be very cold. And what’s worse, always feeling extremely cold during winter when outside because you never spend time outside during winter or forcing yourself outside in order to adjust?

Change your diet

Not a lot of people know this but changing your diet can really help when you want to adjust to cold weather. Eating cold food during winter makes you feel less cold on the outside. Just make sure you don’t do it too much as you could damage your throat and you could get sick. But that is why our next tip is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in order to get all the vitamins that you need to stay healthy.

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