Pest-proofing your home before moving in – Tips and tricks

Pest-proofing your home before moving in – Tips and tricks

Once you start living at your new home, there’s no reason why you should deal with vermins, like mites and bugs. If you also agree with this, you should consider pest-proofing your home before moving in. Even though it’s not something you thought you’d had to organize when relocating, it’s better to do this than to start having a problem with vermin infestation as soon as you move in.

Pest-proofing your home

There are many ways to pest-proof your home. Whether you decide to simply block their entry, or get rid of attractants, here’s how you should do it. Also, consider using several methods combined, if not all of them together, for maximum efficiency.


Pests can easily find their way in through holes

Cleaning the house thoroughly

Pests just love dirty and dingy corners. So, you should clean your whole house thoroughly. This means, clean every corner, especially the attic and basement before you start bringing in your boxes. You can also consider hiring a professional cleaning company if your new house was remodeled, or it was left empty for a while.

Cleaning the yard

Critters and other pests love wood debris and overgrown gardens. Clear away any debris and move it as far as possible from the house. However, while you can keep it aside for a while, consider totally removing it.

Block the possible entry points

In order for pests to become a problem, they need to get in first. The most logical way to pest-proof your house is to look carefully for any possible entry point and block it. If there already are some old barriers there, reinforce them, or change them altogether. You can use metal sheeting to seal holes or synthetic caulking for smaller spaces.

Don’t forget about the roof and attic

Rodents and pigeons love to find their way through the roof and just settle there. And they can easily make any smaller hole bigger. So, in order to prevent it, make sure the shingling is all right and that the vent is blocked. And also, don’t forget to cap your chimney.

Take care of the tree limbs close to the roof

Do you want squirrels to have easy access to your roof? Of course, you don’t, so trim the branches that can enable the squirrels to reach your roof. If you can’t reach the branches, you can always hire an arborist who will also make sure your tree will be healthy when trimming is done.

Cutting tree branch.

This will prevent squirrels from getting on the roof

Check all of your possessions before unpacking

Don’t rush it with unpacking. First, you want to unpack without making a mess. But also, you want to check if any of your old items already have pests. And, when buying second-hand things, you realize you have look for any sign of bugs and roaches.

Hire professionals for pest-proofing your home

If you’re not sure if there are some pests inside, hire pest control. Without it, if pests are already inside, pest-proofing your home will make absolutely no sense. Why risk dealing with this problem so early in your new house, when there’s a way to prevent it. These professionals will make sure your home is ready and safe for you to move in.

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