Simple and fun design ideas for your kid’s room

Simple and fun design ideas for your kid’s room

Kids’ rooms need constant ‘updates’ – they go from babies to toddlers, and in no time they already went from being kids to teenagers. That’s why updating their room once in a while will help them accept their new age and feel better about themselves. Also, moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to create a room your kid always wished for. Here are some simple and fun design ideas for your kid’s room that both kids and parents will enjoy.

A mural on the wall

Depending on your kid’s age, you can make them a room with a painted mural with them from their favorite cartoon, video game, or movie. This is one of those design ideas for your kid’s room that give character to space and provides a “wow” effect. Themes, colors, sizes – the possibilities are endless. You can hire a professional, but also make the process more fun by painting it together with your kid and making some memories, too.

A wall mural as one of the design ideas for your kid's room
Wall murals are one of those design ideas for your kid’s room that can be used from a nursery to a teen’s room – just pick the right theme.

A high rise bed – one of the design ideas for your kid’s room that also saves space

Another way to make the kid’s room more special is by getting one of those high rise beds. Apart from being cool to sleep ‘upstairs’, the space under the bed can be used for various things. You can make it a play area, use it for storage, or even place a desk underneath the bed for studying and doing homework. This type of furniture is also a space-saver, perfect for small rooms.

A teepee

An indoor teepee can be a very cool item in every kid’s room. From toddlers to older kids, indoor teepees can be very fun for playing, sleepovers, reading a book, etc. You can order it online, but also easily make it by yourself. A project to enjoy with your child!

Chalkboard paint

Recently, chalkboard paint has found its place in many DIY project at home, but also cafes and restaurants. Why don’t you use it in your kid’s room? You can update an old piece of furniture with a fresh coat of chalkboard paint, and get a fun piece your kid can draw on, too. Play with colors and make this a statement piece in the room.

a toddler using a toy camera
The bottom line is – your kid having fun in their room.

Have a theme

Thinking of a theme for picking design ideas for your kid’s room can be difficult, but it can also save you a lot of time later on. Talk to your child so you can come up with a theme together. It can be jungle, spaceships, animals, sea world, dolls, comic books – there are so many possibilities. After you pick a theme, find some inspiration on Pinterest, and start picking items and painting in the selected colors. It’s an easier technique for all those indecisive parents out there!

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