Packing crystal items for a move

Packing crystal items for a move

Crystal glassware items are popular home decor in houses all around the world. So, when the moving day comes, many people have the same problem- how to properly and safely transport those fragile valuables to their new home? Good preparation is the key phrase here. So, let’s see a quick guide for packing crystal items for a move.

The importance of packing supplies when packing crystal items for a move

One of the things you need to take care of while organizing and preparing for a move is getting the proper packing supplies. This is especially important when it comes to packing your precious crystal. If you want for it to reach your new home without a single scratch, find:

  • several sturdy boxes, of different size
  • packing paper and bubble wrap
  • some tape and a marker

Safety measures before packing crystal items for a move

There is nothing like too much safety when it comes to fragile items relocation. Therefore, no matter how strong and sturdy your boxes are, remember that glassware can be really heavy. So it would be great if you reinforce their sides and bottoms with some extra tape. After that, line the inside of every box with some crumpled paper, for extra protection.

The moment of packing

Many people decide to hire professionals to conduct their relocation process and do the whole packing stuff for them. This is a good idea, but in case you decide to deal with it by yourself, here is how to pack different crystal items for the move:

There is a person wrapping a fragile item with a bubble pack, an important step when packing crystal items for a move.

Wrapping each item will keep them safe and sound.


For packing crystal glasses the best solution would be using a cell box. Wrap every glass with several layers of packing paper and place them in the cells carefully.

Larger items

When it comes to packing larger crystal items like vases, for example, you should pick a box that is a bit larger than the item itself. Wrap the item properly and add some bubble pack and crumpled packing paper all around to fill the empty space.

Other glassware

Finally, other glassware like bowls, ashtrays, plates, and other smaller dishes, can be packed together in a single box. Here again, you need to pay attention to wrap every item separately and to add some bubble pack after each. One important thing to remember is to pack larger items first, since, as we have mentioned before, glassware can sometimes be pretty heavy.

The final touch

After you have done the crucial packing steps, we come to the moment of labeling the boxes. Always mark them clearly and with capital letters, saying FRAGILE or GLASSWARE. Also, don’t forget to talk to your movers before they start loading your boxes, and ask them to pay some extra attention to the fragile items. Most of the movers will already know how to handle it, but it won’t hurt if you say it just one more time.

There are two people standing next to some boxes, one of them is leaning on a box with the inscription FRAGILE.

Be careful and put some marks on the boxes with the fragile items.

Packing crystal items for a move is not easy, but it’s possible to make it all work. If you have followed all our tips, then your glassware is ready to go. The best thing you can do is to be careful and take your time.

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