Things to have in mind when transporting a flat-screen tv

Things to have in mind when transporting a flat-screen tv

Moving your household items is not easy especially when moving sensitive or big items such as TV. For transporting a flat-screen tv you will need tips and tricks to do it efficiently and easily. Be prepared for relocation and pack like a pro, no matter how difficult it is.

Tips for transporting a flat screen tv

Having packing hacks will make your relocation less stressful. Packing and transporting bulky items won’t be simple.

Watching tv after transporting a flat screen tv.

To transport your tv safely and without any damage, you will need some simple tips if you are doing this for the first time

When moving a TV even the smallest damage can be big. So, prepare and learn how to do it.

  • Remove all the power cords and cables from your flat screen tv but before that take a photo of the back of the TV. That will help you to plug tv after moving to a new house. It will be your guide to remember where the cords and cables go.
  • Remove screws and bases from tv and from the wall. Keep all the screws from a wall mount in the same bag and label it. And even better, keep the bag together with a TV mount – tape it, so you won’t search for it or lose it after moving.
  • It is easy to pack TV when you an original box. But, to be realistic, most people throw the box away after buying a tv, so how to move tv without an original box? Use a moving blanket to wrap your flat screen tv and use foam corner protectors. Also, you can add air bubble foil to wrap tv. To organize the relocation, collect enough packing supplies for your items.
  • Ask friends for help when transporting a flat-screen tv, because it is hard to move it by yourself or to load it into a vehicle. Two people will be enough to carry and lift a tv.
  • Secure your tv in the moving truck and remember that TVs need to be in an upright position. Keep a flat-screen tv between other heavy items so it cannot move during moving.
  • After moving, it is time to unpack your flat-screen tv – do it carefully. You will also need help from at least one person. Place your TV on the wall and connect it.

After moving, it is time to play games or to watch your favorite show, so enjoy

Hiring a professional moving company

What is the easiest way of transporting a flat-screen tv and other household items? Hiring professional movers and packers is, because they have a lot of experience and the right equipment and supplies to move any type of belongings. Research movers in your area and hire a reliable and the best one. After moving, turn on your TV and watch a favorite movie or TV show. Moving is stressful, ad watching tv is one of the best ways to relax.

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