Canadian expatriates’ guide to Tennessee

Canadian expatriates’ guide to Tennessee

Moving from Canada to the United States might not seem like a drastic change. However, at times it can be as if you were relocating to another universe. Changes that you will endure, depend a lot on the state you are about to relocate to. When moving to Tennessee from Canada, be prepared to embrace some minor and some major changes. When moving to the Volunteer State, here are a few things that you need to be aware of. Follow our guide to Tennessee and you will be prepared for your move in no time.

Guide to Tennessee for all Canadian newcomers

So, you are packing, going on and booking your move, saying goodbye to friends, etc. In other words, you are on a mission. As you should be since moving to a different country demands serious preparations. We are sharing with you a few important details about Tennessee that you might not know or that you might have forgotten.

Avoid moving in the summertime

Every guide to Tennessee will advise all Canadians to move during the winter. Surely the weather in Canada is not the same in every region. Yet, in most, it is quite chilly all year long while in Tennessee it can be boiling hot. Temperatures often and easily surpass the 90-degree mark. Therefore, one of the best tips we can give to Canadian expat is to wait for wintertime to relocate.

You can look forward to enjoying the outdoors

Moving from Cannada to the US can sometimes mean you will have to say goodbye to beautiful nature. Especially when moving to an urban setting. Well, not when coming to Tennessee. The outdoors will prove to be breathtaking. No matter where you move to within the state, you will have plenty of greenery to enjoy. A trip to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park is well worth a trip. Also, there will be plenty of festivals and concerts that are held outside. Thus, get ready to enjoy the best parts of nature. Even when living in the city.

Outdoor seating beside a beautifu lake.

One of the best things about your upcoming move will be the great outdoors of the State of Tennessee.

Welcome to bbq heavenĀ 

If you are into spicy and dry meat rubs, plan on gaining a few extra pounds. Tennessee is known for great barbeque ribs but also other kinds of barbeque delights. Oh, but you are a vegan! No worries, there are plenty of great eateries and restaurants to choose from. One thing is for sure. In this state, nobody is ever hungry.

Amazing and delicious bbq rib mentioned in our guide to Tennessee.

Are you a fan of bbq ribs? If you are you are about to be in heaven.

When moving from Candara hire professional moversĀ 

Moving internationally will be difficult. That is why it would be wise to hire professional international movers that will do everything for you. While they are taking care of your needs, you can focus on other details of your trip. Even once you are in Tennessee find professionals in every part of the state if you need to relocate locally.

Hopefully, our guide to Tenessee will give you the right idea about living in this legendary state. Get ready to feel the Southern hospitality and start a great new chapter with your family.

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