Smart ways to pack your instruments for a move

Smart ways to pack your instruments for a move

While moving, there is always a chance of some of your belongings getting lost or damaged. This is in part where the stress comes from. You worry about the safety of your things. It also creates the need to plan and organize the move so everything goes well. This includes proper packing to protect everything. Your furniture is usually the thing you worry the most about. Also fragile items like dishes or even paintings and pictures. In this group of fragile items, your instruments have a special place. Whether you are a professional or amateur musician or music lover you are always aware of how instruments are fragile. Some of them are also bulky and tough-looking while still fragile enough. With this in mind, you should devise and explore smart ways to pack your instruments. It is important to keep them safe.

Professional help is a must!

When moving your instruments you have to have some knowledge on how to handle them. Your movers should also have some knowledge. It is important due to the fragility of even the bulkiest and most cumbersome instruments. Pianos, for example, may seem sturdy and tough but are fragile and have to be properly handled. The combination of their size, weight, and fragility makes them tricky to move. This task should be done by professionals from start to the end. From their preparation and packing, carrying, loading, transporting, and unloading, it is best to have professionals engaged.

A violin that requires you to search for some smart ways to pack your instruments for a move.
Packing your instruments for a move is important as they are fragile and can easily be damaged during the move

Reliable movers

Finding the right movers for any move is important. It is even more important when your fragile instruments are involved. Finding reliable and capable movers for moving your instrument is very important. Movers that are not competent enough will not take adequate care of your belongings including instruments. Reliable and experienced movers will appreciate the fragility of the instruments and take special care. They will be aware that instruments get easily damaged by shaking, falling, or extreme temperature changes. They will also know how to pack and protect them properly for transport to minimize the risk. So one of the smart ways to pack your instruments is to enlist the help of competent movers that will know how to help you pack them and protect them for transport.

To find adequate movers try to do proper research and check their references reviews and feedback for other clients. Also, check if they are trained and experienced in packing, moving, and overall handling of fragile instruments. make sure that they have proper insurance and licenses to minimize the risk. This is especially important if you are moving long-distance and are separated from your instruments for a longer period of time. Professionals will have everything properly packed and protected keeping in mind the special requirements for the transport of instruments. Finally, they will transport everything quickly and safely.

How to pack your instruments safely?

Even when you hire top notch professionals for the move your instruments and belongings are still at rick of damage. Accidents can happen and even boxes with FRAGILE written on them can be dropped. This is why you have to be smart when you pack the instruments so you can protect them for moving. So, learn how to prepare your instruments for the move and how to pack them. Here is some advice:

  • Use original cases – the perfect solution for safe packing is the original case to secure the instrument
  • Prepare bubble pack, foam padding, and wrapping tape
  • Use a lot of boxes for packing – use them for smaller instruments
  • For added protection use packing Styrofoam

Smart ways of packing your instruments will depend on their type and special requirements. In addition to finding the right movers, make sure to use some of these tips for particular instruments.

A classic guitar
Guitars and other stringed instruments require special attention when packing

Brass and Woodwind

Make sure you disassemble these instruments for moving. Try to use original hard cases for their transport if it is possible. If not make sure to wrap each piece individually and protect it separately. Use bubble pack, towels, and packing peanuts to wrap these parts separately before putting them in a box. To make sure that they don’t bump and scratch use a larger box that can accommodate both the instrument part and padding or foam protection and barriers.

String instruments

The most important thing with string instruments is to loosen the strings. All of the turning keys should also be turned in line with the body of the instrument. It is critical to use an original hard case for a violin, cello, or guitar. They will provide suitable protection. With added packing material the instrument will also be protected from shaking damage. If you don’t have a hard case make sure to wrap the instrument in bubble pack and place it in a suitable large box. Make sure to fill it with padding to protect it from hits and shaking. Also, make sure to close them well to protect them from moisture and any water.


Drums are cumbersome but also very fragile. Use cardboard boxes that are larger than any individual drum. Use the space for stuffing protective material all around the drum. Remove the rims and heads and pack the drum in protective material. Tension rods and other pieces should be protected with bubble wrap and packed separately. Use padding materials like peanuts, crumpled paper, and foam abundantly to protect your drum set. Be sure to plan and acquire the right packing materials in your regular moving plan and organization.

A piano keys
Cumbersome and heavy but also fragile pianos require special attention and expertise to move properly


Moving a piano is a specialist job. Due to its size and weight, it is very risky to move it yourself. Let the trained professionals do it. Yo, u can prepare it. Make sure to lock the keyboard and to remove all of the movable parts. Do your best to gather supplies to pack it for transport. This means that you should use bubble wrap, blankets, and towels to protect your Piano from getting scratched. Also, try to protect the legs and pedals.

Moving your instruments does not have to be that difficult. Hire the right moving assistance and try to provide a layer of protection during transport. Be smart when you pack your instruments to make sure you keep them safe. Your professional movers will know how to handle the task in the best and safest way possible.

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