The process of family relocation from Ontario to Jeddah explained

The process of family relocation from Ontario to Jeddah explained

Moving with kids abroad will probably be one of the hardest things to do. Leaving Canada for Saudi Arabia is a big step, but it can be a good adventure, and moving there can offer you many pros. What to know about family relocation from Ontario to Jeddah and how the process works?

You should keep in mind a few things when moving to KSA:

  • Climate change will be one of the biggest changes when moving from Canada to Arabia.
  • Alcohol, pornographic media, pork products, and drugs are illegal here.
  • Islam is a big part of life here, it is even part of laws. If you are doing business with Saudi Arabia respect their rules and culture.
  • Islam, the government, and the royal family should not be criticized.
  • Women must respect the dress code which means clothing must be modest and cover a body.
  • Don’t eat or drink in front of people during Ramadan, it is a holy month when Muslims are fasting.
A map of Saudi Arabia.

Life in Jeddah is totally different from life in Ontario


How to organize a family relocation from Ontario to Jeddah?

The first step is to get a visa for you and your family. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months and someone must sponsor your visa application. In most cases that will be a company where you will work. After all, most Canadians are moving here because of a job. Don’t carry 2 passports because KSA doesn’t recognize dual citizenship. There are different types of visas such as business, diplomatic, employment, family visit, student, work visa, etc.

Getting a visa for a family relocation from Ontario to Jeddah.

You must have a visa when moving to KSA from Canada for the entire family

Looking for a house in Jeddah

Start searching homes before the moving day and know the rent prices and what is the offer. Of course, a house you have rented sometimes is not good enough for your family, but you can move. Because you don’t know this city yet, experts in the area are a great help. You need a house big enough for the entire family and in a safe neighborhood. 

Moving your belongings to KSA from Canada

The next task to organize is the transportation of your items overseas. That can be easily done with help of Four Winds Saudi Arabia or other professional movers that have a lot of experience with moving from Ontario to Jeddah. Don’t pack winter clothing because you won’t need it in S.Arabia.

Shipping a car from Ontario to Jeddah

If you want to move a car too (which is not uncommon), find the right shipping company. Your car will safely arrive to your new home in Jeddah, but you need to prepare it first. To prepare documents and a car for overseas transport.

Keep in mind that shipping to and from Saudi Arabia has some restrict and before you are shipping some items, check if that is forbidden or not. A family relocation from Ontario to Jeddah will be easier if you have a car there.

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