Canadian’s handbook on the best counties in Florida

Canadian’s handbook on the best counties in Florida

Living in Florida has become very popular today. If you are from Canada it may also seem like the promised land. Ocean, white sand beaches and all year round warm weather are just some of the reasons to move here. However, if you think about moving to Florida you will be stuck at the question of where to move to. There are many great places to settle in and they are scattered in a number of counties. So having a sort of a Canadian’s handbook on the best counties in Florida would be great. So, to help you out, let’s look into some of the best counties and places to live in Florida.

Why Florida?

Florida has always been on the map as a very desirable place to live in. The weather in Florida is just one of the reasons why it is so popular. The Sunshine State is a haven for both retirees that find it very attractive and young families. Families with kids seek small and quiet towns in Florida to settle in. They also want to experience the history of the state as well as its other attractions. Florida is rich in untamed nature and natural attractions. It is perfect for outdoor family activities and fun. At the same time, it has some of the best amenities that make it one of the world’s top tourist destinations. That said, it can get overcrowded so pick your new home carefully.

A skyline of a city through a row of palms in one of the best counties in Florida.

Florida’s counties have everything to offer from big and busy cities to tranquil family towns

It is important to know that there are many counties in Florida you can choose from. There is no handbook to choose the best county so it’s up to you to do some research before you make the decision. So, let’s take a look at some of the counties that may be attractive to Canadian’s before we can call Big Man’s Moving Company to get us organized for the move.

The best counties in Florida

Florida is known for its diversity in almost every way possible. So to make a handbook on the best counties in Florida for Canadian’s would require us to take into account very different counties. Some of the best counties to consider moving to from Canada are:

  • Miami Dade County
  • Pasco County
  • Sarasota County
  • Nassau County
  • Hillsborough County

Miami Dade County

The county is well known around the world as a playground for the rich and famous and a great place to enjoy life. Miami is one of the best places to live if you are young free and single. The county is very diverse and it can offer both rich and dynamic day activities and nightlife and even a more serene atmosphere. Besides Miami, the county also has Coral Gables as an example of a peaceful community that is great for raising children and enjoying family life. Miami Dade is also known as a business hub that offers some of the best career opportunities.

Miami panorama

Miami Dade county is well known as a tourist destination but is also very diverse

Pasco County

Pasco County is the opposite of Miami Dade. It has a population of over 500.000 people and some of the most family-friendly cities and towns. Pasco is peaceful and laid back with a perfect environment for families. The county has beautiful lakes, rivers, parks, and many great outdoor locations. It is also known for great schooling and cultural offering. This makes it great for families and a paradise for raising kids. Moving to Pasco is definitely a great option and if you decide to move to Florida. You can always reach out for moving assistance in Pasco. Experts in this area can help you settle in quickly and stress-free making the move easy.

Sarasota County

Sarasota has its place in the Canadian’s handbook on the best counties as an affordable and perspective place. The county is developing economically and the living cost is low. At the same time the real estate market is strong so settling here and buying a home is a good idea. The county has some of the best beaches and ocean and is known for its unique culture and art and other cultural offerings. Sarasota draws people in for its nature and natural beauties and also for its diverse outdoor activities. The county can also offer a dynamic atmosphere and also a number of smaller family-friendly towns.

A sunset on a beach

Beaches, ocean, and perfect weather are first associations to Florida

Nassau County

If you want to enjoy a beautiful coastline, top-rated schools, and a great housing market then Nassau is for you. The county is growing and attracting young professionals with families. Nassau has a good connection to Jacksonville and is perfect for commuters working there. This location also makes it well connected to other parts of the US via Jacksonville International Airport. The county has a rich and colorful history and has a great education system. The schools here are top-rated and considered to be the best in the state. Pristine beaches and great weather make every day a beach day and perfect for enjoying outdoor activities.


If you move to Hillsborough county then one of the best places you can settle in is Lutz. This is a small town that is a suburb of Tampa. If you are looking for an affordable community, with low crime rates and good schooling then Lutz is for you. Here, you can always reach out to professionals to help your family move and settle in Lutz. Besides Tampa and Lutz also give the rest of the county a chance. Hillsborough is known for its great nature and parks, rich history, and diversity that can be felt in every town and neighborhood.

In conclusion

So, here is a short handbook on counties in Florida for all Canadian’s planning on moving here. This can only be a sort of guidebook to help with the decision. Ultimately, everyone will have to find the perfect county that will meet the specific needs and desires. Florida surely has the diversity to satisfy everyone.

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