Top 3 cities in Canada for families with kids

Top 3 cities in Canada for families with kids

Raising a family is a challenging task nowadays. With so many obstacles along the way, there is nothing like a universal key to happiness. Moving around the world in search of the best place to start over with your family may easily bring you to Canada. Throughout the years it has been popular as one of the most livable countries in the world. So, today we will mention the top 3 cities in Canada for families with kids.

1. Ottawa- the country’s capital

Ranking as the topmost desirable place for living a family life, the city of Ottawa is growing with every single day. Financial stability is extremely important when supporting a family. Therefore, it is good to know that this capital offers excellent job opportunities. Apart from that, although home prices all around are rising constantly, accommodation in Ottawa is still considered pretty affordable.

But that’s not all. If you decide to get into the moving process and settle down in Ottawa, you can be sure your children will receive the best education Canada has to offer. With the strong and prestigious primary and high school institutions and several excellent Universities, Ottawa is among the most educated cities in the country.

There is a view of a city during the sunset.

Try your luck in one of the Canadian cities.

2. Vancouver – one of the best cities in Canada for families with kids

Vancouver has a reputation as an active city. However, the truth is that some parts still have those small-town charms. Most Vancouver neighborhoods are family-friendly. All around the city, there are numerous riding and hiking trails, and the residents are devoted to a healthy lifestyle. You and your children will never be bored since the whole city seems to be one endless playground. Various employment opportunities and a quality schooling system make it an excellent Canadian city for raising kids.

Over the years there is a slight decline in housing prices in Vancouver, making it a more affordable place to move to. And if you still haven’t found appropriate movers, Angel’s Moving will definitely be the best choice.

There are beautiful colorful buildings of St. John's, one of the most attractive cities in Canada for families with kids.

Enjoy the coastal walks in St. John’s.

3. St. John’s- a place to enjoy with your beloved ones

This cozy coastal city has some of the most beautiful cityscapes thanks to its unusual colorful architecture. It’s a family-friendly community where you will probably be able to find a perfect neighborhood to live in. However, the most important things for all family-oriented people are living and housing costs. The good news is that in St. John’s they are noticeably low. In fact, every average double-income family will be able to live more than a decent life there.

On the other hand, the city’s position along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean makes it one of the best cities in Canada for families with kids. It gives various opportunities for everyday outdoor activities. No matter whether you will go sailing, have a family picnic or take a relaxing walk down the shore, you and your kids will have a great opportunity to enjoy nature and its charms.

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