Why is Michigan a favorite state among expatriates

Why is Michigan a favorite state among expatriates

Michigan is one of those states loved by locals, ex-pats, and tourists. However, the recent influx of expatriates has shown that they are enjoying living in this state and that it has a lot to offer. Therefore, we wanted to find out why. In this article, you’re going to find out why is Michigan a favorite state among expatriates and maybe decide to move there, too!

All the jobs

Michigan is one of those countries that had problems with the job market in the past. However, the situation has changed, and the state is becoming more popular among ex-pats. Michigan now has an average unemployment rate, and the number of jobs in healthcare, education, and other branches is constantly growing. So, now may be a great time to relocate and find a new job here, or move your business to the United States.

Breathtaking views

Another reason why people love living in Michigan is the nature and breathtaking views. Favorite spots are certainly lakes, which is why the state is popular by the name of The Great Lakes State. There are over 11,000 lakes you can enjoy. Therefore, if you’re a nature lover, you will also love Michigan as your new home.

sunset on a Michigan lake

Lakes and breathtaking views attract people from all around the world.

Fresh food

This state is also known for many farmers’ markets, where residents can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. This contributes to the health of the population, and the diversity of foods you can try out.

Housing market

If you decide to move to this state, you can both rent or buy your new home. The houses are both modern and 50s, 60s, and 70s style, so you can definitely find a variety of options. Expats love living in older-style homes, as it gives you a very unique feeling. The prices of homes are moderate, but you can also find some luxury properties wherever you go. The median┬áhome value is about $152,000, which is far below the national average. However, once you pick a home, it’s best to start making relocation plans as soon as possible. Schedule your move with High Quality Movers Michigan and start preparing for the big day. Fortunately, trusted moving companies like this provide a full range of moving services, which results in minimum stress for you.


For those moving with kids or wanting to go back to school, Michigan is the place to find good education. The state has several universities, and some of them are one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Therefore, moving with your family has one less thing to worry.

Moving to Michigan – what’s the easiest way to do it?

Even though Michigan a favorite state among expatriates, most of them worry about the relocation process. However, the moving business has grown and now you can rely on assistance in the area, even if you decide to move locally after a while. Reliable moving companies focus on the simplicity of the process, which makes things easier for those coming from abroad.

aerial view of a nature spot in Michigan

Start planning your move now, to be able to enjoy this amazing nature as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Great Lakes state

The last thing we need to mention is the friendliness of the residents. Michigan people love hanging out and spending time with friends, family, and co-workers. That’s why is Michigan a favorite state among expatriates – they feel welcome and at home, as soon as they arrive.

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