6 reasons why Canadian young artists are moving to New Jersey

6 reasons why Canadian young artists are moving to New Jersey

A state with many qualities, New jersey seems to act as a magnet for artists from all around North America. Young Canadian artists especially seem to love New Jersey’s art scene. However, the thriving art scene is not the only reason why artists from Canada wish to move to this wonderful state. So, let’s explore 6 reasons why Canadian young artists are moving to New Jersey, and why they simply love it!

Young Canadian artists are moving to New Jersey because it is close enough

New Jersey is located at the northeastern tip of the continental USA, thus making it a perfect location for artists from Canada. If you, as a young artist, want to move to Canada and live in New Jersey, you’ll be very close to the border. You’ll be able to just hop over the border, and visit your Canada home and your family.

Canada on a globe.

Canadian artists are moving to New Jersey because it is close.

Also, you can choose to travel to Canada with your vehicle, or you can choose to fly with a plane. Flights from New Jersey to Canada are very cheap, and in an hour or two, you’ll be back in your home in Canada. The same is true if you decide to go back to New Jersey.

It’s next to large centers of art

The east coast of the United States is much more populous than the west coast, or even Canada. This means that you’ll be able to visit large art centers without any problems and show your art there. Also, the eastern US is quite rich, and people have the resources necessary to appreciate art. Yes, we know, it is a sad reality. But people who have enough resources do indeed tend to appreciate art, simply because they don’t have to think about basic needs. Art is a privilege in a sense.

One of the most important centers for art on the eastern US coast is most certainly New York. Many artists from Canada move to New York City, while others usually live more comfortably in New Jersey. NJ tends to be cheaper than NY, and some young artists find New Jersey more comfortable to live in. It can be hard to find an apartment for rent in NY, buy a home, and everything else. Even New Yorkers themselves move in tens of thousand to NJ every year.

Canadian artists are moving to New Jersey – a cultural center

New Jersey has a thriving art scene. You don’t have to move your artwork just to show it to audiences from other cities and states. The art scene is one of the reasons why people from all over the world visit this wonderful state every year.

Festival in the open.

Artists from Canada are moving to New Jersey to participate in many festivals and other events. And New Jersey has them

There are many festivals, concerts, art galleries, and many other things in New Jersey, and our friends from All Season Movers get excited when moving someone to this state. It is no wonder why artists, among other people, simply love New Jersey. When walking through some New Jersey town, you’ll usually be greeted with a lot of art. Residents of Jersey simply know that art is an integral part of life, and without it, life would be unbearable.

The weather is fine in NJ

The weather in New Jersey is simply amazing. You’ll experience mildly hot summers and not-so-harsh winters. This makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t like weather extremes, and we Canadians certainly belong in this group of people.

This also has many other benefits. For example, the storage you’ll choose in New Jersey won’t be as expensive as in other places. Storage facilities don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures and spend too much on the electricity bills. This means that they’ll be able to lower their prices, and you know that your items will be safe and protected.

Artists are moving to New Jersey to get the best education

New Jersey has quite a few good education centers. Many of them are for artists only. New Jersey art schools are widely recognized as good, and it is no wonder why many young artists flock to this state. Sure, art education isn’t always necessary for artists, but it can give a good base for further development. Education often cultivates artistic sense, especially if you have good mentors.

Also, you might find other artists and do your projects together. There is no better feeling than finding like-minded individuals who share the same artistic sense as you do. It is easier to do your artwork with someone similar to you.

Artists are moving to New Jersey to find inspiration.

New Jersey is really inspiring!

Like you would rely on professionals anytime to move you and your furniture to New Jersey, in this state, you can also rely on your artistic companions to help you whenever possible for your art projects. If you consider yourself to be an art professional, you have to work with other professionals in the field, and outside of it!

New Jersey is simply inspiring.

Sure, a good artist can find inspiration anywhere. But, let’s be honest – it is easier to be creative in a pretty environment. As we mentioned, New Jersey is a rich state. This means that there are a lot of artists doing grandiose stuff, and they still have enough resources to live comfortably. This means that they have the time and the right mindset for creating art.

Also, people from New Jersey appreciate arts, and they are willing to spend their time and resources to admire art to its fullest. All you have to do is to pack your instruments for the move, call the right moving company, find a place to live, and you’ll be set to work on your masterpieces.

We hope you have found our article on 6 reasons why Canadian young artists are moving to New Jersey useful. Also, we hope that we’ll see or hear (or touch?) your art in New Jersey! Best of luck, and see you at some event in NJ!

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