Why is Ottawa a place to be for young professionals?

Why is Ottawa a place to be for young professionals?

Ever wondered what it’s like living and working in a big city? Lots of pubs and clubs, exotic cuisines, an inexhaustible list of outdoor activities, magnificent landscapes, and job opportunities around the corner. Sounds good, doesn’t it? What if we tell you that you can find all of that, and at a low price? You’re probably thinking ”Otta-wuh?”. And you’re half right. Ottawa is a place to be, especially for youngsters. So, Otta-duh, pack your things and get going.

Why is Ottawa a place to be?

If we got your attention, and you consider moving to Ottawa, there are a few things you should think about. No matter where are you coming from, even if you live abroad, a good organization is very important when moving. Maybe you can organize it all by yourself. If that’s not the case, you should consider getting professional help.

The capital of Canada, and the fourth region by size, Ottawa has a lot to offer. With a population of over one million people (the majority are young people), it provides chances for business contacts. Also, it provides the perfect combo of modern life and beautiful nature. Why is Ottawa a place to be for young professionals? Here are some of the things:

  1. Multicultural community – different nations living in the city make it more interesting. It affects various parts of everyday life: culture, cuisine, society, and neighbourhoods.
  2. Plenty of job offers ­­­­­­– Ottawa is a city with the lowest rate of unemployment.
  3. Lots of activities – the city’s nature and its nightlife are perfect for young and active people
  4. Low cost of living – it offers high-quality life, at a small price
  5. Weather – Snowy winters, warm springs, hot summers, and enjoyable autumns, this city has very distinctive seasons. Something for everybody

As we mentioned above, Ottawa is the fourth largest region in Canada. It counts close to 1,4 million people. Ethnical diversity, different cultures, and religions, just add up to the city’s rating. There are two official languages: English and french. Widely spoken, they affect the city’s culture and also business opportunities.

1. Multicultural community

So, if you’re thinking about moving, you are more than welcome to come and try your luck looking for a job. The benefit of such a large population is that you’re almost certainly going to make some business contacts. So, as a young professional, why not consider moving to Ottawa any time soon?

2. Plenty of job offers

Got out of the University? Looking for a job? Ottawa is a place to be. Economically speaking, Ottawa is the main economic center in Canada. Lots of research centers, academic institutions, international companies on a world level are just some of the places to look when you’re starting a career.

Girl laughing in front of her laptop in an office in Ottawa a place to be.
Ottawa – a city of job opportunities

There are lots of business opportunities in the health sectors, education sector, government, and high-tech sector. The diversity of industries throughout the city ensure a lot of work.

That’s why the unemployment rate is very low. Considering Ottawa to be a government city, it does not depend on other sectors, manufacturing, and services.

3. Lots of activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Make time for yourself. Find time to relax. Doesn’t matter if you’re an outgoing person or a nature lover, you’re going to love this city. With its beautiful landscapes and very active nightlife, there’s not much not to like.

  • If you are into spending time in nature, there are three big rivers, with very nice beaches, green landscapes, beautiful countrysides, parks, walking paths, cycling paths, almost anything you can think of, and
  • If you are into going out and clubbing, this city has it too. Various nightclubs where you can party all night long, music festivals, or, if you’re into sitting and hanging out, numerous pubs, with excellent local crafted beer, just pick one.

4. Low cost of living

So, if you’re thinking about moving, the professionals from discountmovingottawa.com are there for you. All you need to do is find a part of town that suits you best, and they will do the rest.

Another advantage of this city is numerous neighborhoods to choose from. Whether you are looking for an apartment or a house, if you are into an urban style of life, or something more peaceful, one of Ottawa’s neighborhoods has it. There is something for everybody, for young, single people, for families, whatever you need

Three young friends sitting in a bar drinking  and laughing
Lots of places to hang out

Costs of living are not high, due to the large number of students. Most importantly, they have award-winning public transport, so every part of the town is very well connected. However, if you want, you can rent a car, or go by bike. The only preoccupation you’ll have is how are you going to decorate your new home.

5. Weather

Doesn’t matter if you prefer winter or summer, you’re going to love this city. There are recreational activities for every season. Winters are snowy, so you can skate in the center of the city, or ski on its hills. It is also when the annual winter festival Winterlude is being held.  Summers are the best time since all the people go out, parks are full of people, eaches full of swimmers and divers.

A perfect opportunity for friendly gatherings outdoor and meeting new people. Springs and autumns are generally warm and nice, with cool air, and colors, perfect for long walks and sightseeing. Also, if you are thinking about moving, that would probably be the best season to move your home.

Should you move? Why not!

To sum up, Ottawa is a place to be, especially if you are young, single, and love to mingle, and if you are a professional looking for a job. As we mentioned earlier, great job opportunities, quality way of life, both by day and night, and all that at a reasonable cost. What more could one want? So pack your things, contact the professional moving agency and pick a date for the beginning of your new life.

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