4 questions to ask your agent when selling your house

4 questions to ask your agent when selling your house

Selling your house is already by itself a tough decision to make. In most cases, it’s the place where you grew up, made friends, and valuable memories. But sometimes life can be unpredictable. Maybe you’ve got a job in a different city, or a country, maybe your family is getting bigger. Or maybe you just need a fresh start, and you need to find a new place to call home. So, why not find a good agent, prepare questions to ask your agent when selling your house and make the whole process a bit more pleasant and easier.

Don’t be afraid to be picky!

How to find a reliable and professional moving company, though important, isn’t the main problem here. How to choose the right real estate agent can be tricky. It is almost certain that you will get recommendations from your friends, or family. Maybe even some of them think they know what is necessary for a good agent. Or they were one in past. In the sea of know-it-alls and all the things that you’ve read online, you might just find yourself lost.

Shake hands and ask your agent when selling your house about the process.
A good agent will save you time and effort

So get yourself together, and call different agencies, and try to pick the best one. But even after choosing, you’ll still have questions.

Things to ask your agent when selling your house

We tried to narrow it down for you, so here is the list of 4 questions to ask your agent when selling your house:

  • Agents resume
  • Price, costs, and fees
  • Selling plan and cooperation
  • How will you communicate

Agents resume

The first thing to ask your real estate agent is about his experience in selling and his license. How many sales did he make in that or the previous year? How many people is he representing? Did he have experience in selling houses in your neighborhood? Feel free to ask all of those things, as it will help you evaluate if he/she suits you.

Price, costs, and fees

One of the most important if not the most important question to ask. How much will it cost? That refers to your house and agent’s costs. Ask him how did he get to the price of the house. Licensed agents use comparative market analysis to estimate the house’s value. The usual mistake that an unprofessional agent makes is overpricing the house. It may sound strange, but it sometimes can complicate the selling process.

A miniature model of the house with rows of coins next to it.
A good agent will save you money

Selling plan and cooperation

A good agent always has to make a plan for selling a house. Things to ask your agent when selling your house include this. Talk to him about what can you do to improve the chances of selling. Discuss how to prepare a house for showing. For example what things to remove and what to expose. You may consider renting storage to put away the extra stuff if there are any. It is very important.

How will you communicate

An agent must always be easily accessible. Make sure to ask him whether you’ll communicate through the agency, or between yourself. Agree on which type of communication suits best for both of you – e-mails, messages, or calls.

In conclusion

Why wouldn’t choosing a new house and deciding what things to keep and what to throw away be the only preoccupation for you? In other words, why molest yourself over the selling process. This is why it’s important to find a good and reliable agent. After all, this is one of the biggest financial decisions in your life. It doesn’t say for anything A man’s home is his castle. In a manor of speaking. (pun intended)

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