Moving from Canada to Alabama: how will your lifestyle change

Moving from Canada to Alabama: how will your lifestyle change

If you’re over 30 years old, you’ve probably seen movies like “Sweet Home Alabama” with Reese Witherspoon, or “My Cousin Vinnie” with Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei. Both of these movies show elements of lifestyle in rural Alabama, in a bit exaggerated, satiric way. However, there is a bit of truth in them. Especially when it comes to cultural differences of two not-so-similar countries like Alabama and Canada. It won’t be the most accurate introduction to your future experience, but it may show you what to expect in a fun, stereotypical way. Still, avoid being stereotypical towards Alabamians, cause no one likes that. As The Good Book says “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” That way your new neighbors will make sure you experience the full southern hospitality after moving from Canada to Alabama.

A few fun facts to know when moving from Canada to Alabama

Changing a country and place to live is never easy, especially when it comes to changes in the lifestyle as moving to a new province. Have in mind that adapting process might take a while, and arm yourself with patience. Before you relocate, it’s always a good idea to inform yourself about the local culture and find out about the possibilities your new country offers. Here are few interesting facts about your future home:

  • Alabama is the only country in the US that has an alcoholic drink as its national beverage – Conecuh Ridge Whiskey
  • Bear wrestling was a thing in this state, but it was outlawed in the 90′. It is considered a class-B felony
  • The Heart of Dixie is the only state in the US that provides natural resources for steel and iron production. That makes Alabama the largest supplier of steel pipe and cast-iron products in the United States
  • It is a country that was first to celebrate Veterans Day and still hosts the biggest Veteran day celebrations
  • Alabama has its own copy of a Statue of Liberty, situated in Birmingham
college football team on a field
Before making a housewarming party, make sure to pick a team. College football in Alabama is a very popular topic in everyday life

Football community and close neighbors

Despite the common prejudices about Alabama, people from these parts are welcoming, warm and polite. What hockey is for Great White North, that’s college football for Alabama. If you haven’t been a football fan before, be sure you will become pretty soon. The neighborhoods become alive in fall with the start of the season. Therefore, pick a team, and prepare for many football gatherings and house parties.

Food is a big thing in Alabama

Most of the places have their own national specialties and dishes. But Alabama took the best Southern tastes and made it their trademark. From a bunch of BBQ varieties, country-fried steak, fried catfish to boiled peanuts, fried pill pickles, and desserts like banana pudding and caramel cake, the mouth-watering list goes on. In most cities and towns, dining establishments are top-notch when it comes to food preparation.  

…And so are guns!

Like many Southern countries, Alabamians love their guns. No matter how unusual it may sound to you, guns became a part of modern Southern culture. Even people who don’t own guns in Alabama are “pro-guns” oriented. And if you’re not, keep it to yourself. It might not be the most attractive aspect of living in these parts, but still, there are a lot of other things that will make you sing “Sweet Home Alabama” in no time.

wide street with historical southern architecture buildings
Cities like Mobile, Brownsville, Montgomery, and Huntsville have some amazing historical architectural buildings

Religion is part of everyday life

Living in Alabama has its specific social and religious characteristics. People here are probably much more religious than in your Canadian hometown. Religion is a big thing in the South and often mentioned in everyday conversations. Still, you don’t have to be religious in order to be accepted in the community. Like in most cultural aspects, mutual respect is the key. So forget about dressing like a priest, nun, or any minister of religion for Halloween. According to Section 13A-14-4 of the Alabama Code, you will be charged for misdemeanor and maybe even end up in jail!

Social and economic aspects

Nevertheless, urban and rural Alabama culture varies. Big cities like Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa will give you plenty of totally diverse and progressive vibes. From outstanding restaurants, coffee places, parks to antique shops, stores, and cultural attractions. The cities in Cotton State have everything any other great place in the U.S. has!

The cost of living in Alabama cities is affordable, with Mobile, Montgomery, and Birmingham being the top three most affordable cities. For example, Mobile has a median home value of approximately $121,700. As for Montgomery, the median home value is $119,600. Pretty nice numbers for a state capital. Still, with a median home value of $89,200, Birmingham is one of the most affordable cities in Alabama to live in. Therefore, it’s no wonder Birmingham is one of the most popular choices for Canadian expats to settle.

A small model of a house and a key representing moving from Canada to Alabama.
Buying a house in Birmingham is a great idea. It’s not only the most populous city in the Cotton State but also it gives some lowest median home values in the U.S.

Birmingham is the “Magic City” of Alabama

Birmingham is a thriving cultural center of Alabama. It is a city with vivid history, especially when it comes to Civil War, industrial development, and the Civil Rights movement that changed history. Today, Birmingham is the biggest city in Alabama and also a national leader in urban green spaces. That includes thousands of acres of wood, biking trails, hiking trails only a couple of minutes from a city Downtown. With some amazing house offers, this whole area has great service that will make sure your relocation process goes smoothly.

Moving from Canada to Alabama tips

Every long-distance move can be tricky because you don’t always have the opportunity to check out your new residence and compare it with your previous home. Therefore, you might underestimate the number of possessions you’re binging with you. In such cases, you will need a safe unit for extra items. There are a variety of storage spaces you can choose from. That way, you will be able to have all your memories with you when moving from Canada to Alabama.

big blue water lake surface with lots of green trees
A great water surfaces you’re probably used to in Canada is one thing you won’t be missing when relocating near Lake Guntersville area in Alabama

If you still haven’t sorted out the moving process, give a call to a team. You can be sure your relocation will be professionally taken care of. 

From the warm sunsets on the waters of the Gulf Coast to the fresh air of the Appalachian mountains, living in Alabama will give you plenty of opportunities when it comes to recreation and a healthy lifestyle. Living in the North, you’re probably used to cold winters and mild summers. However, in the Heart of Dixie, summer lasts practically all year long. So, throw away your winter clothing, you won’t be needing it when moving from Canada to Alabama.

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