From Florida to Canada: how to prepare your kids for change

From Florida to Canada: how to prepare your kids for change

If you had enough of the Florida heat and you are looking for something different and cooler, it is time to think about Canada. When we talk about moving, it would be good if everything was easy like picking a place. Moving to a whole new life could be a hard thing to do, especially when moving with kids. It is so much harder when you don’t have to worry only about yourself, but also about your kid’s future. For a start, you need a steady ground and good preparation. There is something you can do to help yourself and to prepare your kids for change.

Give them enought time

Canada is not across the world but it is far enough to get you to do detailed preparation. When you already decided to move them from their well-known environment, it is important to prepare your kids for change and explore Canada with them. In order to help them, include them in every segment of moving preparation. This way they will be more aware of what is happening. Kids will have guidelines, so they can make their own preparations for this step. It is very important that you find enough time for a proper conversation about the move. Talk about reasons and plans.

Explore the options

Inform yourself together about Canada and choose the right place to help you grow your full potential. Explore the surroundings and ask about things you like and your hobbies. You can do all of this from your armchair. Allow the children to express their interests and take their ideas into account. This is how they will feel included and it will help them prepare.

Mother and daughter writing
Include them in planing

Take your time to consider the offer of and ask your family members if they have any special requirements. Have in mind that it is good to have this kind of support behind your back. Moving will be the easiest thing to do with professionals like this. This way you will have more time to prepare your kids for a change.

Making inventory list

Write down all that you think you might need and set up the priorities. To help your kids prepare and adapt, include them in packing. Make a checklist of your things and make moving supplies. This is long-distance moving so think carefully about the things you will need. Have in mind, when we talk about boxes that the right material is a must in this case. You need something that will hold your stuff together and safe when you move them across the continent. Include your kids in the packing process and allow them to make decisions about their stuff. This is the point in the moving process where they are likely to realize that relocation is happening, for real.

Pack cerefully

Relocation from a Sunshine State on the north, into a colder region of Canada, is a quest that you will have to do in a proper way. When moving with kids this becomes something you have to dedicate yourself more seriously. The best way to prepare your kids for change is to take into account their wishes and feelings. It is important that you all have the same goal and that you embark on this together.

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