3 reasons why Canadians love vacationing in Florida

3 reasons why Canadians love vacationing in Florida

Florida is one of the most well-known internationally US states, due to its touristic breeze. Every year, 21% of the visitors are Europeans and almost double of that, with 39% are Canadians. Canadians are starting to develop some serious feelings for The Sunshine State. They even started to buy some properties around here. And they are moving there for good, they are taking even their favorite dishes, furniture… everything. You might find packing tips for a long-distance relocation very useful if you are planning to do some moving soon. Going back to Canadians vacationing or even moving to Florida, one can’t help but wonder “Why is that?”. Well, here we have a list of the top 3 reasons why Canadians love vacationing in Florida.

1. Humid subtropical climate

Florida is called The Sunshine State for a reason. Here you can generally find warmer subtropical climates, which Canadians absolutely adore. The low temperatures they got used to at home during a lifetime become history as soon as they set foot in here. All the epic destinations in the vacation kingdom, such as Miami, Tampa, and Orlando have conquered for good the residents of the Great White North.

Beach house in Florida close to the sea is a reason why Canadians love vacationing in Florida.

One of the main reasons why Canadians love vacationing in Florida is definitely a unique beach at every single step.

According to local relocation specialists Pro Movers Miami, amusement parks, beaches, and also natural parks are only the tip of the iceberg for what really awaits you here. So in case you intend to extend your stay for let’s say the next 20 years, you should give a call to moving professionals and set sails for The Magic City.

2. Florida has no income tax

Another one of the reasons why Canadians love vacationing in Florida is that there is no state income tax. And thinking about the big taxes they have in Canada, this would be Heaven on Earth. Of course, they have their perks up there, having many medical and educational services almost for free.

Tampa Sign colored in different colors.

Tampa is one of the greatest destinations in the whole Sunshine State.

But when you draw the line, The Sunshine State seems like the better option. Especially for retirees who are calculating every single penny. Despite the fact that there`s no income tax in Florida, everyone is still an active subject to federal income taxes though, which applies in all states.

3. Best place for hobbies

With almost 8,000 lakes and 2,300 miles of tidal shoreline, Florida has produced hundreds of world fishing records that are still standing. Scuba diving is also a popular hobby around there. And if you are a baseball fan, you should really consider this place as a future residence.

For a successful moving day that includes storage in transit, you are going to need a safe facility for your belongings. Check out the options for storage where you will place your valuable belongings, but not before making sure that they are sealed and crated.

Miami City at sunset is why Canadians love vacationing in Florida.

The collision of cultures is one of the most special things about Miami.

Happy fishing!

Once seeing the reasons why Canadians love vacationing in Florida, we get to ask ourselves why not transforming it into a permanent vacation by relocating there. In case you are already rubbing your hands with satisfaction about the thought of moving here for good, consider buying a home in Florida as a non-resident. It’s actually as easy as it could get because you don’t even need to be a citizen in order to own property there. 

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