5 things Canadians who moved to NYC miss most

5 things Canadians who moved to NYC miss most

There are many reasons why people move from Canada to NYC. Especially young people. Some are starstruck. Some are looking for better jobs. No matter the reason, this is a very popular thing for Canadians to do. But often they find themselves missing many things. Canadians who moved to NYC usually miss most free health care, friendly neighbors, peace, and quiet and maple syrup of course. That doesn’t mean that moving to NYC is a bad thing. Being nostalgic is quite a normal thing. You miss all the good things and those become fond memories that you can tell your kids about.

Free healthcare

This one is a no-brainer. Healthcare is free in Canada for all Canadians and even for foreigners who permanently moved to Canada. In the USA healthcare can be very expensive. Quite expensive actually. This is also one of the reasons why people from the USA are moving to Canada. So if you find yourself missing this one. It’s quite reasonable if you don’t like paying a lot of money for cleaning your teeth or having regular checkups.

Surgeons looking at the patient.

Canadians who moved to NYC most definitely miss having free heath-care.

Friendly neighbors

This is definitely different. Canadians who moved to NYC are probably used to being friendly with the next-door neighbors. New Yorkers are definitely not. They are actually worldwide famous for being bad neighbors but in New York, you can find people from all around the world. This city is soo diverse. No one knows who will be your next-door neighbor. It just might be some nice Italian grandmother or friendly couple from Sweeden. It’s the meter of luck. Get to know your neighbors as soon as you move in, you might be surprised.

Peace and quiet

This is something you won’t be getting much in NYC. They call it – the city that never sleeps, for a reason. Although you can find suburbs in New York it won’t be like the ones you might be used to in Canada. But no one comes to New York looking for some peace and quiet. This is where you come to earn money, get famous, study, or discover something new. Don’t worry, you can always retire somewhere peacefully like Florida. Lots of people do that.

Maple syrup

Ok, this one is a joke. You can find Maple syrup in NYC. It is Canadian, of course, but you can buy any brand you prefer. But what Canadians who moved to NYC definitely miss is the rent. You might have seen the difference between costs in rent. New York is a very expensive city especially real estate. If you are looking to rent in New York make sure to find a place with rent control or at least sign a contract before renting. This is a way to protect yourself. Sometimes hiring a lawyer to help with a contract can be a good idea.

Canadians who move to NYC might need a bit of help

Because everything is different it might be nice to get some help settling in. You need someone local that knows the city well. You also need to get to know the city quickly. Don’t worry even though you don’t know this city you can settle in with experts’ assistance to make it quick. After you legitimately move in you can start your adaptation process. Getting to know your neighborhood is the first step.

Extra household items

Hopefully, before you even started the packing you got rid of all the unnecessary household items. Decluttering is the best way to start this process. But usually, apartments in New York are a bit small. So sometimes people need additional storage nearby to keep their household items safe but yet near. Divine Moving and Storage might be able to help you out.

The interior of a torage facility Canadians who move to NYC usually need.

Renting storage space is a perfect way to keep your extra household items near and safe.

The weather

Get ready, in New York, you will have four distinct seasons. Summer in NY can be very hot. Winters are cold and snowy but Canadians are usually used to the cold weather. Having four distinct seasons is considered to be very healthy and good for mental health. So that is good news.

Man in yellow coat

Winters in NYC can be rough but people from Canada are no strangers to cold weather. But get ready for extremely hot summers.

Getting used to a new surrounding

Feeling weird and overwhelmed is normal. Change can do that. Add on top the stress of relocation it is perfectly normal. That’s why many people hire professional movers to help out and make the relocation. The internet can help you find the best movers. Also, ask for the help of your loved ones and family too. Talking to them will help you. Also taking a mental health day is a great idea. But do that after you unpack. That way you won’t be thinking about all the boring chores that are waiting for you tomorrow.

Living in New York

Living in NYC can be great. That’s why people from all over the world are daydreaming about this city. And you are the one living the dream. Make sure to explore all the things this city can offer. And take pictures. Lots of them. Post it on Instagram, people will love it. This is the most photogenic city. Why not use it? Also, check out all the famous spots from all the movies you watched your whole life. And the most important – go eat famous new york style pizza. People say it’s the best. And if you are not a big fan of the pizza worry not – you can find just about everything in New York food vise.

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