Pro tips for organizing your bathroom

Pro tips for organizing your bathroom

Whether you can afford a big and spacious bathroom or not there is always something you can improve about it. Your bathroom has to be functional and practical for everyday use. it also must be neat, clean, and sort of a healthy haven in your home. You should get some advice and pointers even if you have a spacious bathroom. If your bathroom is small you may also benefit from some pro tips for decorating your home and your bathroom. We will try to provide some advice that will make your bathroom more functional, organized, and a haven to enjoy.

Main issues

We all have the need to decorate every corner of our homes. Bathrooms are no exception. It might seem strange but people are into bathroom decorations. There are many ways to do it and utilize this space to show off your creative side. However, design issues aside, many bathrooms suffer from a chronic lack of space, storage space, and good organization. Lack of storage is the main problem in small bathrooms while storage space utilization and clutter are the problems with big bathrooms. Luckily there are many pro tips for organizing your bathroom that you can use to improve your space. So, what are the key tips to keep in mind:

  • Use your vertical space
  • Add and utilize additional hardware
  • Utilize every nook and cranny
  • Organize with style
A picture of all of the bathroom items.
With some pro tips on organizing your bathroom you can have a perfectly organized and clean bathroom

Vertical space

The vertical space of your bathroom is the most unexploited space you can utilize in your bathroom organization project. It will also help you minimize the surface that is covered by items in the bathroom keeping it neat and easier to clean. So, make sure you gather some great ideas to help better organize your small bathroom and exploit the vertical dimension. You can for example easily install shelves. Use shelves above the door for your towels thus gaining space or add more shelves above the toilet or even bathtub. These spaces are perfect for bath salts, small towels, air fresheners, etc. If possible install recessed shelving or hang basket shelves for more quality storage on the wall.

Add hardware

Adding additional hardware on the walls is an extension to using vertical space. You can easily add additional hooks for towels or wardrobe. Magnetic strips can hold small metal cups for small items. You can place them virtually anywhere utilizing every corner.

Utilize every nook

Do not forget to add additional space to your cabinets. You can add magnetic strips and hooks to your cabinet doors to create extra storage. Flat irons, hairdryers, brushes are perfect for hanging on cabinet doors as they are not heavy and can be easily organized that way. Also, use under sink space for cleaning supplies gloves, and brushes.

Pile of towels ready for organizing your bathroom.
Bathrooms usually lack storage space for towels and other items

Be creative

Organize your bathroom with some style. Be creative and put some plants in or decorate your mirrors with flowers. Also use scented candles, vintage decorative bottles, cans, and other accessories to give your bathroom some style and class.

Decorating your bathroom can be a huge project or a small intervention that can improve it a lot. However, you approach it to be sure to research more ads there are countless pro tips for decluttering your home and organizing your bathroom that you can benefit from.

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