Leaving a small town for a big city – survival kit

Leaving a small town for a big city – survival kit

Do you live in a small town but want to move to a big city? Living in a small town has its advantages. Familiarity, security, low cost of living, and natural scenery are just some of them. But if you are looking for a different lifestyle, more entertainment, new education, and business opportunities, then a big city is the right place for you. Transition is not always easy. If you are leaving a small town for a big city, here is a survival kit.

Prepare yourself for leaving a small town for a big city

Before moving to a big city, you must be fully prepared. First of all, you must know where you are going to stay. Make sure you find a place before you leave.  Find a home you will rent or purchase. Or stay with someone you know, a family member, or a friend. This is especially important if the city is unknown to you. If you do that, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Get informed about transport, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. Being prepared will save you time, money, and stress.

Get rid of unnecessary items

Before you move to a big city get rid of all those things that you do not need. Give them to your family and friends or make a donation to charity. If you organize a yard sale you could even make additional money for your move.

Make a small survival kit for leaving a small town for a big city

A small survival kit with the basic items will be necessary in your new place. Have at hand some cash, towels, soap, toothbrush, etc. This will be of great help if you have to wait for the arrival of your belongings.

Toothbrushes and some other items that should be in your essentials bag when leaving a small town for a big city.
Make a small survival kit before a move

Organize your move to a big city

You will also need to carefully organize your move. Depending on the distance and how many items you are carrying with you, there are different options. You could do it yourself, ask your friends for help, or find professionals. Consider the pros and cons of each option. Then choose the one that is the best for you.     


Start a few weeks in advance. Get boxes, bubble wrap, foam, tape, and other packing materials. Items that you don’t use often should be packed first. Then seal and label your boxes.  

Packing boxes one needs when leaving a small town for a big city.
Get packing materials before leaving a small town for a big city

Transport when leaving a small town for a big city

Make sure to organize the transport of your items properly. Have an inventory list of your belongings and all essential items with you, such as money and documents.  If you hire professional movers, make sure that they have the correct address of your new home in a big city.

Arrival to a big city

When you arrive, make connections with people you already know. Find the closest food store, pharmacy, and other important facilities. Learn about the transport system. Start looking for a job if you haven’t found one yet. If you have already got a new job, prepare yourself so you can start on time.

Leaving a small town for a big city is not an easy task. However, by using the above survival kit you will make it much easier.

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