Canada places where senior New Yorkers love moving to

Canada places where senior New Yorkers love moving to

You were born, raised, and spent your whole life in NYC. You lived with your children and were tied down to the city because of your job. Now your kids are grown-ups, have their own homes out of New York, and you have retired. You’ve decided it is the right time for you to make some changes in your life, to spend the rest of your time somewhere else, and you’ve chosen Canada to be your future home. To find out which are Canada places where senior New Yorkers feel at home, keep reading.

Table of content:

  • Collingwood
  • Vancouver
  • Fredericton
  • Victoria
  • Ottawa
  • Oakville
  • Kelowna

Favorite Canada places for senior New Yorkers: Collingwood

Now that you’ve got familiar with New Yorkers’ guide to Canada, we can move on to Canada places seniors New Yorkers choose for their home. Collingwood is a small town with a great location which earned its reputation as a favorite summer vacation destination. If you feel the need to rest from an energetic metropolis such as NYC, Collingwood is an ideal spot. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve nothing to do here. On the contrary, you can enjoy hiking, skiing, swimming, other water-filled activities, and much more. 

The capital

Have you learned how New Yorkers buy a property in Canada as foreign buyers already? If not, there you go, a quick way to find out. Next on the list of Canada places that senior New Yorkers love is Vancouver. Located in British Columbia, Vancouver is perfect for people who are too much used to a vibrant environment, such as the City That Never Sleeps. Canada is known for its scenic nature, and “Hollywood North” isn’t an exception. Living next to the Pacific Ocean surrounded by nature, how does that sound? To conclude, you get to enjoy top-notch entertainment, restaurants, and arts in the center of culture, and, at the same time, can witness much more natural sites.

A photo of one of the favorite Canada places where senior New Yorkers love moving to and the capital of Canada, Vancouver
Choosing Vancouver for a future home is smart if looking for something similar to NYC.

Canada places for senior New Yorkers that are incredibly affordable: Fredericton, checked

Nestled along the banks of St John River, Fredericton stands for one of the most affordable Canada places for seniors New Yorkers, a perfect place to retire. Home prices, property taxes, and the cost of living are reasonable, which doesn’t mean the standard of life here is worse. That Fredericton was once a cultural melting pot is reflected in the local lifestyle in terms of dining options, arts, and music. The city prides itself on a rich cultural scene, so if you’re engaged in music or painting (now that you have time to do everything that you couldn’t before), Fredericton is waiting for you!

Victoria is one of Canada places that senior New Yorkers adore

When you hear about this one, you’ll wish to contact and start packing right away. But please bear with us and read the rest. Victoria, also known as “The Garden City”, is known for its great health care and high quality of life. Being the southernmost major city in western Canada, it has a climate of its own. Healthy sea air, moderate summers, and mild, snow-free winters make Victoria desirable not only among seniors but people of all ages. On top of that, it boasts amazing scenery with mountain views, an energetic lifestyle, lots of recreational activities, and public amenities.

A photo depicting a building near a harbor in Victoria
Seniors from New York simply love Canada places such as Victoria.

Ontario prides in Ottawa

Every move implies a period of adaptation. Fortunately, there are many ways how New Yorkers can adapt to Canada, and one huge advantage is a shared language. So, keep calm, and let’s move on. Next is Ottawa, reminding of a European city, only one bridge distant from Quebec. Two rivers flowing through it add a unique charm to the city. Once the capital, Ottawa is rich in culture, filled with museums and attractions alike. We must emphasize that housing is a bit expensive but not unreasonable.

Oakville for a peaceful retirement

If looking for a tranquil environment, Oakville is the right place for you. Some think of this lakeside town as a Toronto suburb, which only means you’ll have easy access to all the public amenities that come with a big city and still get to enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment. Being a small town, Oakville has a tight-knit community, so it won’t be hard to find a company and take a walk during warm sunny days. But beware of winters – they’re not as pleasant.

Kelowna is one of Canada places where senior New Yorkers truly enjoy their retirement

Want to spend your retirement days in luxury? Welcome to Kelowna, the birthplace of winemaking in British Columbia! If you’re an avid wine enthusiast, contact our professionals from Relocation Services Canada and come and taste one of the best wines not only in the province but across Canada. Enjoy luxury living with near 20 golf courses! Is there more? Sure. Located in Okanagan Valley, Kelowna has a scenic landscape, including a lake. Why not choose a home with a view of the lake for a real adventure?

A bus station and a bus passing by
When exploring places in Canada to which senior New Yorkers flock to have a carefree life, we cannot but mention Kelowna.

A friendly tip

We thought we could give you a piece of advice about the move. You see, moving supplies are essential when it comes to packing, in which high-quality plastic bins proved to be the best. There are many advantages to this option, besides the most evident (they’re unbreakable). You ought to consider getting them for a moving day.

Little something about Canada

Canada was one of the first countries to have supported a healthier economy and environment on account of climate changes. Canadians are conscious and nature-oriented people. That is mirrored in their unspoiled nature and a healthy environment in which you’ll feel 20 years younger.

We hope our guide of Canada places where senior New Yorkers love moving to has been helpful. Good luck with your relocation!

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